Jen McCreight of Boobquake and BlagHag fame, to speak at Rock Beyond Belief

Jen McCreight of Boobquake and BlagHag fame, to speak at Rock Beyond Belief October 8, 2010

BlagHag is Jen’s popular blog. As an atheist, she faces a (reluctantly and self-aware) male-dominated blogosphere/lithosphere. Juggling a demanding college schedule (earning a PhD in Genome Science) and running a high-profile website is the norm for the 22 year old darling of the atheist community. Her posts alternate hard science with secular activism, spliced with the type of personal touch you’d expect from any blog worth it’s salt.

Responding to the ridiculous ramblings of Iranian prayer leader, Kazem Seddiqi who insisted that Earthquakes and other natural disasters are punishment from God for women wearing immodest clothing, Jen had an edgy but friendly suggestion. That’s right, she was the originator of the ‘Boobquake’ meme that rocked the internet earlier this year. 200,000 women participated in this event, and the evidence showed that the Iranian prayer leader’s dogma got run over by her karma. Which is totally awesome, because she doesn’t even believe in karma.

Jen gave an excellent speech about ‘being edgy but friendly’ back in August. I’d like her to know that this speech made a direct impact on me, and my approach to this very festival. Watch the speech:
You tube

We are in for a treat now that she has tentatively agreed to speak at the Rock Beyond Belief event (depending on scheduling and timing). If you see her there, you better pronounce her last name right (<—rhymes with that, hint hint).

The lineup for Rock Beyond Belief is really starting to look quite respectable. Thanks for everything Jen!

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