American Atheists endorse Rock Beyond Belief

Dave Silverman was recently elected president of the oldest non-profit organized by and for atheists, American Atheists. From the article:

Silverman has been with the organization since 1996, holding positions of NJ State Director, Communications Director and Vice President. He hosts the Atheist Viewpoint TV program, blogs on the NoGodBlog, has appeared on numerous public affairs and news programs, and debated religious apologists across the country.

Congratulations, Dave!

Silverman noted that he never met Madalyn O’Hair, founder of American Atheists and a plaintiff in the historic Supreme Court case to remove prayer and bible recitation from public schools. “I’m committed to remembering and honoring the important principles Madalyn represented. We’re re-committing American Atheists to a more visible role for nonbelievers in the fight for state-church separation and public policy.”

On a personal note, the wife and I are using ‘Madalyn’ as a middle name for our first child, due next February.


The reference was to the very same Madalyn O’Hair, and I’m glad to see another fellow atheist support her so publicly. She has been a lightning rod, and made many enemies, but she never relented.

Tragically, she was kidnapped and murdered along with her son and grand daughter in 1995. She is still inspirational to me, and to her great organization, American Atheists.

We are proud to announce that Dave Silverman and American Atheists has endorsed Rock Beyond Belief.

We are discussing the specifics, but big things are certainly expected to come out of this. Stay tuned!

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