Fort Bragg’s MWR: Uphill Battle

Fort Bragg's MWR

Fort Bragg’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) is the next obstacle to conquer. They have been very friendly and receptive to the idea of Rock Beyond Belief. If all goes well, they would be able to provide the logistical support and day-of-event coordination and funding for the event, via their Special Events section. My contact with them has been very positive.

They stated that they would most definitely support Rock Beyond Belief, and allow us to use the main post parade field (Which is great news) with one major caveat.  They would not be able to provide their support unless we could increase our projected audience attendance to over 2500.

I mentioned Rock the Fort, which had used the same parade field and did not appear to attract anything close to 2500 people. I respectfully suggested to them that LTG Helmick had implicitly offered MWR’s support, with his statement along the lines of ‘we would provide simliar support to other groups…’

It turns out I was wrong about a few things.

1) Rock the Fort was not supported by Fort Bragg’s MWR

2) It was co-sponsored by the Post Chaplaincy. (Who I will be meeting with very soon.)

3) Rock the Fort was actually passed over because of “low projected audience attendance”

4) The Magic Number for audience projection is: 2500. Otherwise, we won’t be able to use the same location as RTF. Our ultimate goal is well over 2500, and we anticipate that our finalized lineup will attract between 5,000-10,000 people. But we need to prove it.

5) It would be disingenuous of Rock Beyond Belief, or anyone else for that matter, to claim to have the full support of MWR until we can prove that there is enough interest in this event to attract 2,500+ people.

My contact at MWR suggested that we add to our lineup, specifically well known celebrities/bands/comedians. This has been our intention all along, so we don’t feel like this is a major set-back. This is a temporary obstacle, because we are currently in talks with exactly those types of people. But we could use your help with some things.

How you can help

MWR calculates the projected attendance in various ways, and we can only guess at their exact methods. Even if you don’t live near Fort Bragg, North Carolina, you can still help us!

Painless ways to help Rock Beyond Belief:

1) Facebook users, click here and ‘like’ our event. Increasing the ‘liked’ number may or may not affect how Fort Bragg’s MWR will evaluate us, but it surely wont hurt. Plus it will take like 3 seconds (:

2) E-mail movers and shakers in the blogosphere and tell them to post about us!

Emails: (of the highly influential Pharyngula) (of Cynical C)
Or anybody really, large or small. If you have a blog, blog about us!

3) Fill out forms:
unreasonablefaith (contact form) Update: UnreasonableFaith has posted about Rock Beyond Belief. Right on!
slashdot (long shot, but hey, maybe.)

And of course, you can utilize the buttons at the bottom of each post to ‘StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc.’

How we can help

We are going to continue to add amazing artists/comedians/bands/speakers to our lineup, which will definitely do the trick.

If you head over to our lineup section now, and scroll down you can see our ‘dream list’. It is by no means exhaustive. We are definitely actively contacting those people though. Stay tuned throughout the week for more major announcements. We have some very special guests to announce. Until then, keep doing what you’re doing, because the buzz is starting to snowball. Thanks for all of your support!

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  • Lewis Breland

    I would love to see this project come full circle. I’ll be bringing as many friends and family as possible. It’s time to come out in force for reason.

    – Lewis Breland, US Navy Sailor and Author