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Unreasonable Faith - Daniel Florien

Unreasonable Faith is one of the most popular atheist blogs on the internet, and today Vorjack did a post about us.  This kind of press is exactly what Rock Beyond Belief needs right now.

Vorjack’s post was gracious, but I think his European sensibilities overshadow his ability to really gauge the evangelical situation in the U.S. Military.

You may have heard by now that there was a Christian concert and evangelical extravaganza at Fort Bragg, NC, called Rock the Fort. It was sponsored Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and kinda crossed the line between entertainment and alter call.

Kinda? They have bragged about converting hundreds of soldiers on stage multiple times at multiple events. Their stated goals include getting as many soldiers, spouses and their children, and civilians of the surrounding cities to convert to their version of evangelical Christianity.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has roughly estimated that 95% of their numerous complaints about Rock the Fort came from Christians who “weren’t Christian enough.”

Regardless of Vorjack’s European nature (nobody is perfect, (: )… he goes on to say:

Justin has a post up that provides some ways that you can help the cause. Most notably, if you’re one of the thousand of so facebook fans we have, you can transfer some of your enthusiasm to the Rock Beyond Belief facebook site. Anything you can do to to convince Fort Bragg’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation department that there’s a groundswell of support for this concert would be worthwhile.

Right on.

Every ‘like’ on our Facebook page is one more bit of proof to Fort Bragg’s MWR that the non-theist community does indeed have a legitimate need for their support. We are going to be announcing more high profile guests which will surely help us reach that magic ‘2500’ number for projected attendance. But until we announce all of our headliners, we need to pretty much ‘go viral’. If you have more than a hundred friends please ‘share’ our website on Facebook. If you have a blog, please consider a quick post about us.  If you want to join our support team, please contact Rock Beyond Belief and mention that in your message.

Thank you Vorjack, Daniel Florien, and the Unreasonable Faith community, you rock!

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