Eugenie Scott – The Nature of Science


Eugenie Scott will be speaking at Rock Beyond Belief“Science doesn’t say ‘there is no God’. Science doesn’t say ‘God doesn’t act’. We just can’t test God, so we leave him out.” – Eugenie Scott

I like that quote from the video. I personally think that science directly contradicts all of the major religions’ sacred books. But I concede that there are many people who are able to live with the inherent contradictions between the two just fine. So Eugenie seems to be stressing neutrality, and the importance of understanding and respecting the scientific method. She tries hard not to alienate believers from learning more about science. But she does not mince her words, “We leave him out”.

I’d like the Military to be neutral towards god / religion too. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have a chaplaincy for all of the religious soldiers who would otherwise be unable to worship, and things of that nature. However, we should not have a military that is actively promoting the conversion of soldiers to a particular faith.

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