Attend RBB in style with Aristotle’s Muse

I’m picturing the upcoming secular event at Fort Bragg as a mass of people with nontheist slogans on bumper stickers attached to their cars. I can see people flooding the parade field with cool shirts with secular messages, some even holding those funny signs they held up at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.

What’s that? You don’t have any secular gear? There are many online vendors that can help you out! Aristotle’s Muse is one of the most popular vendors in the freethinking community.

Aristotle's Muse
Dawkins Is My Homeboy
Aristotle's Muse
I <3 Realism

Today, the kind folks at Aristotle’s Muse posted a supportive article on their blog.

Today I came across something very encouraging.  Justin Griffith, American military serviceman and foxhole atheist, is organizing an event to help combat Christian evangelism in the American military.  Aparently, he is not content to only fight Americas wars overseas, he also feels that he needs to fight for Americans’ freedoms right here on our own soil… but, he can’t do it alone.

The post went on to include my personal request for more support from the Facebook community. To recap, in order to receive the full support of Fort Bragg’s MWR, their workers need to estimate the projected attendance to be over 2,500 people. They have endorsed the concept of our event, and have been very courteous and helpful. However, as of a month ago, the lineup wasn’t quite impressive enough for their stamp of approval. We have since doubled the lineup, and have many more big things lined up to announce over the next few weeks. The outpouring of support from the major secular organizations has been overwhelming.

But you can help too. Simply ‘liking’ our page on Facebook is one more person saying “Fort Bragg, I am interested in this event.”

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