Rocking Beyond Belief

As Rock Beyond Belief continues to pick up steam and continue the rapid growth we’ve been experiencing, we have needed to expand to keep up with the pace. There is just too much to do when a fairly successful project starts to get real exposure.

Tonight was a great success for the Rock Beyond Belief planning team. We welcomed new members, many of whom are from the prominent local nontheist non-profit, Triangle Freethought Society. Our new members have already begun to make their presence known. We are closing in on becoming or piggybacking off of a non-profit / 501(c)(3) status, thanks in part to the long-term financial experience of a couple of our team members. You’ll also likely notice a face-lift on our website over the next week or so, as our new site administrators begin to flex their muscles. Additionally, one of our new members brings a career’s worth of experience in doing large-scale live events.  Welcome aboard, Amy, Sue, Chip, Theresa, and Kristy, and thank you for your generous support.

Rock Beyond Belief staff
RBB staff (L to R) Back: Justin, Chip, Theresa. Front: Kristy, Amy, Lyra

We are still growing, and if you would like to volunteer to join our local team, please get in contact with us! If you don’t live nearby but are still interested in helping out, please use the same link to join our ‘e-team’. Getting the word out about RBB is just as important as the stuff we are doing face to face in the Fort Bragg area.

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