Tell Tim Minchin to Play Rock Beyond Belief

Tim Minchin is a genius musician / comedian from Australia, who is really starting to get popular in the United States. He started getting popular over here on the strength of Storm, a 10 minute beat poem that builds around a hilarious dinner conversation with a not so skeptical friend of Tim’s girlfriend.

Please tell Tim to play Fort Bragg and Rock Beyond Belief. Click the link below and put “28307” as your zip-code. Please mention Rock Beyond Belief as you fill out the short form. The foxhole atheists here would really appreciate your vote.

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  • Lois Winkler

    Tim Minchin will want to come to Fort Bragg, NC for many reasons:

    1. As an atheist, he would enjoy playing an atheist event as Rock Beyond Reason.

    2. He would get a LOT of publicity for playing at this atheist event from the event’s press, the mainstream press, and Minchin’s own, if he wanted.

    3. Tim would become very popular with the anti-war set worldwide.

    4. He would give the people who actually fight this pathetic war an excellent show.

    5. He would be so popular even among the Christians.

    This young soldier who is leading the charge on Rock Beyond Belief is sacrificing much to take an open stand against Christianity. Please be the big name entertainer who stands with him



  • Great points, Lois! Tim would be a perfect fit. One little quibble: I think it’s important to remember that RBB isn’t taking a “stand against Christianity.” It’s not about them. It’s a celebration of the constitutional separation of church and state and a positive expression of secular values. (And a damn good time.)