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heaving dead catsHeaving Dead Cats is a skeptical freethought atheist blog to dispel ignorance and enlighten the mind. Yeah, it’s a strange name, but it’s actually pretty popular. Pharyngula doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue either, but it still became the most popular secular blog by far.  Definitely give HDC a look if you are unfamiliar. Neece, over at HDC had some very kind words for us on her latest blog post.

My friend Justin told me last week that he and his group are putting together a big event called Rock Beyond Belief at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in March or April 2011. Once I realized what it was I very much wanted to share it with you. Rock Beyond Belief is a free secular festival which started as a counter-event to the “offensive” Rock the Fort concert which took place on Fort Bragg – at taxpayer’s expense – this past September.

But Rock Beyond Belief is going to be more than just a reaction to the RtF. Here’s what they say on their About page: “Rock Beyond Belief is A Day of Fun and Entertainment for the Rest of Us.  In the spirit of Richard Dawkins’ Out Campaign, we are embracing the fact that just by coming out and saying “we are non-theists, and also we are your firefighters, your military members, and your neighbors” that we help to shed the negative connotations and debunk the myths associated with being a non-believer.”

Neece hit it right on the head. We did start as a counter-event, but we have since grown in scope and scale. I personally don’t ever want to hear “There are no atheists in foxholes” said to me again. Yes, I do get that pretty frequently, from civilians and military members alike. Even a Chaplain once. There are many ways to shatter this myth. This event is definitely one good way to help with the shattering.

Check out the rest of the post as well, it’s a very good commercial for us, though I assure you we didn’t pay her. Thanks, Neece.

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  • Good luck with RBB, Justin and Team! If there’s anything else I can do through Heaving Dead Cats, let me know.
    I fully support what you’re doing and thank you so much for your hard work, both on RBB and as military protecting us. 🙂

  • And no, I wasn’t paid. Not even a chocolate bar! 😛