RBB interviewed by Frostcall: Former Christians, New Atheists.

Last week, I was interviewed by Tom and Wendy from Frostcall, an atheist podcast.


Tom and Wendy met and fell in love in a pentecostal church.  Tom was raised an evangelical christian and planned to live his life serving god until he saw the light. After much study, he de-converted in 2007. Wendy, a registered nurse, remained a christian for another 2 years.  Finally, in 2009, Wendy became an atheist and in 2010, the two started the Frostcall podcast to share their experiences.

We discussed my personal religious background and my de-conversion from it. We talked about the Rock the Fort concerts and their agendas, as well as how the idea for Rock Beyond Belief came about. Being an atheist in the military is tough, and I shared many of the difficulties that I’ve had to deal with. They even devoted a great deal of time to talk about each of our announced guests.

You should take a listen yourself.

Additionally, check out Frostcall’s other episodes. One recent notable Frostcall interview was with Leo Behe, 19 year old son of Michael Behe the ‘father of Intelligent Design’ creationism. Leo had just come out to his family as an atheist, and he has been exiled to the basement, with his siblings ordered not to talk to him. Two weeks ago, they interviewed Kelli Dunham, a former nun turned comedian after losing her faith.

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