MASH : Official Meetup for Military Atheists & Secular Humanists (Civilians Too)

M*A*S*H Fort Bragg

Military Atheists & Secular Humanists
Fort Bragg, NC

MASH is a meetup group launched a few days ago by my wife, Tianna, with the help of some of the most influential local non-theists. We are hopeful that with the recent positive exposure that our issues and groups have been getting, that a lot more soldiers, spouses, and military-town workers will come forward in the spirit of Richard Dawkins’ Out Campaign.

If you live anywhere near Fort Bragg, please join up! (It’s 100% free.) If you are a foxhole atheist stationed elsewhere, please take a look at the page. We hope to set up chapters everywhere in the next few years.

Check it out:

Fort Bragg and Fayetteville Soldiers, spouses and any civilians are welcome. We are all shades of non-theism, be it: Atheist, Agnostics, Skeptics, Humanists, all are welcome and represented here.

M*A*S*H is looking to build a core group of serious and active members, military or civilian, who wish to be a part of a meaningful community. We are Active Duty Soldiers, Army spouses, parents, retirees, from many backgrounds coming together for shared goals and friendship.

1) To serve the vastly under-represented non-theist population of Soldiers on post. To this end, we hope to ultimately establish an official tie-in with the Fort Bragg Chaplaincy. We’d like to have some of our meetups on post, possibly even in the Chapels. Additionally we aim to be officially recognized and listed on the Fort Bragg Chaplain’s schedule of services that currently caters to Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and even Pagans.

2) Provide a safe, and fun environment for community oriented meetings. Potlucks, speakers, secular kids’ play-dates, nights out on the town.

3) Encourage the building of a strong activist framework to work together towards the various issues that face being a non-believer in the Military, or in a Military town. Together we can really make a difference. We can coordinate and network to affect a real change.

This group also marks another milestone.

This is the first group of Foxhole Atheists to launch on the extremely popular Let’s fix this. I know with deployments, and place of duty changes, it can be hard to organize. But every move is another chance to spread out and start a new chapter. There are other atheists in the military. You are not alone.

If we form enough groups like this, we can really have a vast network of support groups. We can affect real change, and do a lot to debunk the myths and negative connotations associated with being a non-theist, especially in the military. My experience with Rock Beyond Belief so far has been proof of this. Trust me, there is a confidence that you get from the solidarity of like-minded people who really care about the issues that you care about.

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  • Dave Pasch

    You and your group are truly brave. It takes courage in this country to admit you are an atheist. I’m seventy years old and an x-science teacher, so atheism comes easy with the knowledge I have accumulated over the years. Many people are not that fortunate to have all the peices to put together, and sometimes if they have them, fear prevents them from doing so.
    Five years ago I started a Socrates Club where a number of us are atheists and we can discuss freely with others who are not. It’s sometimes difficult for me to understand how people can “believe” in a supernatural being as Dawkins talks about who made the entire universe and is really concerned about sin ! ! Be in touch when you can. Dave