Yahweh or the Highway: Mandatory Army Spiritual Fitness

I’m sure that most readers are aware of the aspects of Spiritual Fitness that Rock Beyond Belief has taken issue with. Notably, the Billy Graham Evangelical Association’s proselytism on a grand scale, and the mandatory Soldier Fitness Tracker that foxhole atheists fail because they are spiritually unfit. But the powers that be always argue that the word ‘Spiritual’ doesn’t mean ‘religious’ at all! Well I’ve decided to take this issue to an online blog (you’re reading it.)

On the heels of the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request and the Cease and Desist letters sent out to combat these issues, comes another striking reminder of the constitutional crisis facing the military.

To all of you readers who may still be unconvinced that this Soldier Fitness Tracker / Global Assessment Tool needs to ditch the Spiritual Fitness concept, I urge you to look a little harder. Spiritual Fitness is plainly religious. Read a unit’s Spiritual Fitness Guide right here, and judge for yourself.

Or take a look at this tiny sample of screenshots from the training ‘offered’ to Soldiers upon completion of the mandatory test. A lot of the so-called ‘Human Spirit’ attempts to define Spirituality / Spiritual Fitness are accompanied with explicitly religious imagery. And then there are blatant admissions of religiosity throughout the transcripts as well.

The text at left is unspoken, as is the image of ‘A Prayer Book for The Armed Forces‘. Therefore these were left off of the Audio Transcripts that were leaked a few weeks back. Most people overlook all of the text and imagery, and this slide is a perfect example of religion trying to creep up on the sly. Nearly every word that appears on the screen is also spoken and in the transcripts throughout the majority of the training, except sometimes when it gets ‘too obvious’ like this.

Yeah. This is all about ‘being in good spirits’. Willful ignorance is the only explanation for people who believe that.

This is how we hunt the good stuff, and have Team Spirit!
Read it. It’s disgusting. It’s teaching you how to fold the American Flag like a good little Christian. Yes, it has been removed, but it is entirely typical of the complete training. The whole Spiritual Fitness concept is along these lines, and seriously needs to be ‘evaluated’.
MERRY CHRI- ERrrr umm. Happy Holidays. Let’s join hands and reflect on our human spirit.
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  • Mike

    I just want to throw my 2 cents in here, as an Air Force NCO who also happens to be an atheist, the Air Force defines spirituality as refering to belief in a higher power or god. I have video proof of this and would like to share it here on the site. I want to help in any way that I can with this very important issue my fellow comrades in arms are facing over in the Army.

    • Justin

      Welcome aboard! We need more people in our social network and online blog to improve our spiritual fitness! (; (see motivational picture at the top of the post)

  • That flag-folding thing is frightening.

    • Justin

      Yeah, it’s gone now. 1 down 99 to go… I think they need to give up the (holy) ghost on the vacuous nature of the Spiritual Fitness concept

  • Ralph

    It seems to me that the Military is certainly promoting religion which is against our Constitution.