Foxhole Atheists organize. MASH chapter sprouts in Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Some of you may remember the Military Atheists & Secular Humanists initiative that we launched a few weeks back. Here in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, it’s been wildly successful. MASH Chapters are open to military members, spouses / family members, and civilians. Being an atheist in a military town is not always easy. Our goals include: getting officially recognized by the post chaplaincy, and meetings advertised on the master list of services along with the Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Wiccans etc. Of course, atheism is not a religion. The military asks all of us our religious preference and we want the same level of support for our preference (none). We want a community of like-minded individuals, and a. Not to mention the fact that raising awareness and tolerance for foxhole atheists gets a big boost from being legitimized in such an official capacity.

We put a call out to the rest of our foxhole atheist brothers and sisters to start your own MASH chapter. Fort Campbell, you just got yours!

Military Atheists & Secular Humanists - Fort CampbellGrace Quiroz is a brave Army wife. Her husband is deployed, and she is standing strong and trying to build a local support group for others. This kind of selflessness is exactly the type of glue that bonds a successful community. Grace is no stranger to secular activism, and is the Humanist/Atheist about town.

Grace has already been successful with the chapter Secular Student Alliance that she has a leadership role in. Now she is taking that experience and applying it to the national push for respect, tolerance, and equality for military members who happen to be non-believers.

M*A*S*H is extremely proud to announce that the Fort Campbell, Kentucky chapter is amongst the first to stand up as a real, tangible foxhole atheist community.

All Fort Campbell soldiers are highly encouraged to join this community. A typical MASH Chapter needs to reach a critical mass of 20+ local members in a finite amount of time. Keep in mind that as with all MASH chapters, Soldiers, spouses, and civilians are welcome so please spread the word about this wonderful new meetup group. Contact MAAF / USAMASH to start your own chapter.

Please drop by the Fort Campbell MASH meetup, and ‘like’ them on Facebook, you know it only takes a few seconds. Please offer your support. If you know any foxhole atheists that are based anywhere near Campbell, please send them over to Grace!

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  • Mike

    Awesome news, I might be thinking about starting one up here in Wichita, KS for McConnell AFB. Just might not have enough time though.

    • Justin

      If you build it. They will come. (:

      Mike, if you want to talk about doing something like this at McConnell AFB or wherever you end up next, I’m here and you have my number.

      • Mike

        Hey Justin, I’m curious if you got the email I sent you with the transcript of the video about church/state separation? Thanks man and keep up the good work.

        • Justin

          Ohhh! yeah I thought I replied, because I forwarded it up to bigger / badder people (: I’m waiting for a similar topic to attach that too. Excellent!

    • Sean

      Mike/Justin, please contact me through I can help you get moving on this!

  • USNA Ancient

    Make sure y’all keep Mikey Weinstein’s site close at hand … you’re going to need it and he’s THE MAN ! !

  • Josh

    Uncool, First this happens on Brag now on Campbell, I’m an atheist from KY, and in the military…wish I were stationed back in KY I’d join.

    • Justin

      LOL. Well, Josh… why don’t you start a chapter on your base! Email me with the contact form, I’ll walk you through it.

  • Dave

    really…. no one is going to comment that she is smokin hot? lol sorry i had to, good luck with the chapter! btw love the MASH logo, reminds me of CSM Hill’s coin w all 4 camos

  • Dave I must agree with your statement. Guys I consider myself a free-thinker and to be more exact I dispice religion for reasons that I rather not mention att. Anyways, my point is that I am glad that you guys are making a stand on behalf of the Atheist community and I wish you all success. Does anyone have the contact information for the atheist group leader at Fort Bragg, NC; I would like to meet him/her in person?


    SGT Guillermo M. Bellver