Believable Stop

Fort Bragg’s legal department thoroughly combed our proposal and recommended fully supporting it. However, we have just received some extremely troubling and unexpected news. We apologize for being vague, but we are completely blindsided by the most recent development. Our team has a meeting tomorrow morning to attempt to fix the situation. Everything will be put out tomorrow.

Hopefully this post will disappear tomorrow morning and everything will be back to rocking beyond belief.


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  • rangerlump

    I hope all is going well with this. I have RBB on constant refresh awaiting the news.

  • Ben Dreidel

    It’s after ‘tomorrow.’ What happened?

  • Elliott

    What’s Up???

  • Lynn Wilhelm

    Say it isn’t so. I just heard RBB was cancelled (on WUNC radio).
    I’m so sorry, you have worked so hard. Is this permanent or is there still a chance it will happen one day?

  • Dan Rawlings

    any word yet?? I am really hoping for this to come off!