Roy Zimmerman brings Less Talk, More Rock (Beyond Belief)

Hilarious singer/songwriter, Roy Zimmerman is one of the most popular atheist musicians around. We’re proud to finalize the musical lineup with Roy joining us at Rock Beyond Belief, on Fort Bragg.

Zimmerman has played clubs across the country, and shared the stage with George Carlin, Bill Maher, Kate Clinton, Dennis Miller, Sandra Tsing Loh, kd lang, Andy Borowitz and Paul Krassner. He’s done several shows with The Pixies’ Frank Black, swapping songs in a solo acoustic setting. His up-to-the-moment topical songs are featured on American Public Media’s syndicated broadcast “Weekend America” and Sirius Radio’s “West Coast Live.”

The song “Ted Haggard Is Completely Heterosexual” is the one that introduced Roy’s music to me. Following the controversial news of the illustrious evangelist Ted Haggard’s homosexuality and crystal meth use, and the initial cover-up and denial, Roy explained the situation in song. It is noteworthy that the highly influential pastor had consistently taken positions against gay marriage, and other homosexual rights issues. He has also been known to have hosted a weekly phone call with President George W. Bush, though this situation changed abruptly. As Roy explains:


Roy has reworked the song before, to apply to similar situations as they made the news. I’m thinking this song is just waiting for a new version… something about a certain part of the government being completely heterosexual. (*cough cough* US Military *cough cough*) But then again, maybe he’s sick of that song since it is 3 years old now. Either way, we are in for a treat.

As a former creationist, I believed in biblical literalism – Noah’s Ark, Adam & Eve, and the rest of it, as word-for-word accurate. One of Roy’s most popular videos is perfect for learning about creationism, “Creation Science 101”


Foxhole atheists, and the Fort Bragg secular community are honored to have Roy Zimmerman take the stage. Come join us, It’s free!

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