Rock Beyond Belief festival sold to Billy Graham, becomes interfaith event

FINAL UPDATE: This was an April Fools joke. I’m sorry that so many of you freaked out at work and yelled at other people for our sake. The crew here had a blast reading the comments here and on Facebook. We really needed a laugh,  thank you very much for providing that for us.

Just to clarify: Rock Beyond Belief is still the same, and we are still re-organizing for Fall 2011. We’ll see how it goes now that so much public support has been gathered. Without you, we would likely have been swept under the rug and forgotten.

I’m leaving the original April Fool’s joke intact for posterity below.

I had no idea they were this powerful!

Fort Bragg has ordered us to shut down or accept a cunnning compromise. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has offered to mediate the recent controversial situation with the only power that really talks: the all-mighty dollar. We are now approaching a Sophie’s Choice here. We can move forward with a Rock Beyond the Fort interfaith event, or cancel.

One RBB headliner, Richard Dawkins may have to perform alongside Christian rockers, Jars Of Clay! We really underestimated how powerful these guys were, and how strong of an influence they have over Army officials.

Please sign the petition! More information will be posted after tomorrow morning’s meeting.

The WRAX Raleigh News Team aired this segment on the story.

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  • Jason Paisley

    Watch Constantine’s Sword. The evangelical movement is in lockstep with military brass.

  • Jason Paisley

    By the way great gag.

  • Michael


  • You got me. I’m glad I read the comments.

  • Mari

    Was I just Russian Rick rolled!!!

  • Laura Brothers

    Is this an April Fools’ Joke! Why is it that they got their own festival yet we have to share one with them? I for one plan to be there because Richard Dawkins IS GOD TO ME! Thanks and keep us posted. Really appreciate all you do!

  • Carl

    Why not Petra?

    Repost tomorrow, and I might buy it.

  • DaveV

    This old senior just got up and hasn’t had enough coffee and cigarettes yet to kick start me for the day and I read that the friggin Evangelicals have control of our military and Washington.
    I almost placed a frantic call to the White House to scream,yell and announce a 3 million march on Washington.
    I’m awake now.

  • Tina in Houston

    Almost…. :-0>

  • Rusko

    WOW! I was about to start writing letters to senators and stuff!

    This was great. So glad it’s 4/1!

  • kittybrat

    you are bad, and I like it!

  • James

    What an appalling lack of honesty by the top brass! First they claimed they would support a gig by anyone else, now, they wont. Unless Big Billys boys can come and play! Its what the world has come to expect from christianity…Discrimination!