First Official Rock Beyond Belief Trailer Released

YouTube’s themanofearth put together this amazing video for us in HD.


My friend Adam (themanofearth – you should definitely subscribe to his channel) put together this awesome video for us. The audio comes with the help of The Skeptic Hour podcast – an up and comer in the scene. The high quality microphone I was speaking on comes courtesy of FrostCall – the secular podcast from former Marine Corps service member, Tom and his wife Wendy.

This video was made to be spread. Put it anywhere you like! Let me know if you do something crazy like auto-tune it etc.

After this was made, I was asked not to appear next to my uniform in pictures. So I begged Adam for this version. Obviously, the cat is already out of the bag with that picture – but I liked this video so much that I’m grateful for this alternate version.

There are a few very painless ways that you can support Rock Beyond Belief:
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2) Please download the video and put it in your channel as well! | Click “Download” then upload it to your channel.

3) Subscribe to the RBB YouTube Channel:

Spread the word – the momentum we have going is really starting to pay off. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this a reality.

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  • Chip

    That’s too awesome… Sooo love that warning,top notch job Adam.

  • Len

    Well done and good luck.

  • DaveG

    It would ROCK (pun intended) if you could get Ed Current in there somehow.