Wrecked Beyond Belief – Tornado Strikes My Neighborhood

All apologies for the recent quiet period on this site, but disaster has literally struck. April 16 brought multiple fierce tornadoes to many parts of North Carolina, including the Fayetteville area that surrounds Fort Bragg.

This was a house in my neighborhood. The same scene plays out over long tracks of these streets, skipping over some and pummeling others. Luckily, our house was spared severe damage. But it was close. Just down the street, there is a house where nothing remains except for one wall, and the silhouette of a kitchen.

I found this weird video uploaded using footage extremely close to my house. The amateur nature of the video and editing leave a little to be desired, but I am embedding it after the five minute mark. A short viewing thereafter yields a pretty accurate portrayal of the situation on the ground.


The American Red Cross has been excellent to us in the nearby shelter. Meals, toiletries, Army cots, even diapers and baby wipes have been provided free of cost. Needless to say, our electricity is out and we are not in a stable enough living situation to deliver frequent updates for at least another week.

This goes for the Military Atheists & Secular Humanists (MASH) site as well. By the way, MASH has a new Facebook page: facebook.com/militaryatheists

We’ve got cool developments on the MASH front as well. Openly atheist politician, Cecil Bothwell, will be speaking to our MASH Fort Bragg chapter on May 6th. Though, like I said – give us a bit to get back up to speed.

All apologies, though I’m sure you understand. Check back soon though, we have some extremely exciting news ahead.

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  • Kim

    Glad you guys are ok! One of my friends is in Clayton and their neighborhood got hit like yours. Her four year old was SO EXCITED to get to read by flashlight under a mattress in the tub! He kept going back after the storms passed and thinks they should do bedtime stories like that every night! Needless to say, Mom and Dad weren’t so excited…

    Hugs to T and Z

    • Justin Griffith

      Those storms really were crazy, weren’t they? This neighborhood is really destroyed in that semi-random ‘bouncy’ path that the tornadoes followed. I’ve got some brutal pictures that I may post in an update tomorrow, with links to places to donate, etc. Due to living in a shelter, I’ve probably missed the opportunity to help out really. We’ll see.

      T says ‘Hi!’ and Z says ‘baaaaaaaa baaa baaaoooooooo aaaaooooo’ then she tried to eat her hand.

  • Kit Hope

    The American Red Cross is a fine secular organization that helps many people. I hope you can recover from this quickly.

  • Kevin C Jenkins

    Hope things get straightened out soon!

    I wonder if nuts like Pat Robertson are going to try and claim it was ‘divine punishment’?

  • If that was divine punishment god is a really bad shot. You’d think he would just land the twister on your house but there is all this collateral damage on, no doubt, good christian homes. BTW I can prove that if god does exists he’s a muslim. Google “Church hit by lightning” then “Mosque hit by lightning” compare the hits.
    God is either a really bad shot or he favors blasting churches over mosques!

  • Renshia

    Well, your house is mostly okay and others were destroyed. If that don’t prove their ain’t no god, I don’t know what could. I guess it’s just a fine example of poetic justice.

    Good to hear your okay, Sorry about the gloat, I feel remorse for those who’s gods wrath did fall on. Imagine what they must have done, since you were spared. At least your not in Texas, I hear gods raining down fire and brimstone there.