My Dad Wishes Me Happy Easter and Completely Debunks Science

My Dad is pretty awesome.

Hope you, Tianna and Baby Zoe are having a great Easter.  And don’t forget the reasoning for the seasoning!

Have you considered alternate explanations for things that ‘science’ tries to tell us?  I offer this bit for your consideration:

So while you’re all concerned about atheists in foxholes, the real question should be:

Just sayin’.



Which reminds me of the ultimate debate tactic that many Christian apologists employ. Science can’t explain “upside down margaritas.”

Where’s your precious ‘gravity’ now, PROFESSOR?

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  • Roxane

    Readers of the late, great “Far Side” will recall that dinosaurs died out because they were all smokers.

  • Rodney

    Hillarious. I might know a few who would claim something so rediculous. But instead of countering, I would say, “Nice try, but I know you don’t believe that. Good one though.”

  • Sheila

    That’s a classic!!!! Hey can anyone come to the Rock Beyond belief show or is it just for the soldiers and their families? You have me really interested in this campaign…so I was just curious.

  • beerslayer

    It seems to me the real question is: