24 Hour Internet Telethon For Foxhole Atheists on Rapture Day

Despite being a notoriously stupid thing to predict, someone has figured out the day of the apocalypse! (again)

Help stop "Don't Pray? Don't Say!" - Support All Troops Equally

By now you’ve heard about the Rapture / end-times predictions for Friday May 21. You might even be attending a cool Rapture themed party.

But, did you know that May 21st is also Armed Forces Day?

We are the benefactor for an awesome interactive 24 hour rapture party / telethon! This post will be ‘sticky’ all week, expand it for more details.

The foxhole atheist community has a tangible momentum going and we are doing great things. But we need your help. You do support the troops… don’t you? Haha, just kidding. We know you do, the community has been great to us. Deborah, from the excellent God Discussion site has put together an elaborate 24 hour party / telethon for us!


There will be really cool spots from many of the people on our lineup, and others in the secular community. Learn more at the site set up on our behalf to handle this cool project. I’ll be adding more as the exciting behind the scenes work becomes public.

Finally we get those two separated:

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  • Kevin C Jenkins

    Faith Temple apparently can’t spell “separation”.