I Get Comments – “I do not support the troops”

This one comes from new commenter, Autymn – who appears to be from California.

I do not support the troops. I hate Americans and every other nation; all Commonwealths/Republics/Dèmocraties must be taken down.

Death to cretins!

I followed a link he posted to his Google group, and I wouldn’t recommend it. Here is what I found:

When we die we become ghosts and may go anywhere (well, anywhere dry), and are not under any fake Gods. Many still alive’v been to the heavens (or planes) by astral projection already, and don’t need any Gods to do it, nor are there any Gods there. Your Gods are as fake as your brains.

A maghic trick with a sponge, depressant drug, and a drafty hole in the wall doesn’t save you from death forever. A Japanese man fell in the snow for 17 days and came back to life. Haitian zombis take tetrodotocsin and are dead for at least three days.

Scripture has hundreds of mistakes, liges, shams, contradictions, failed and fake predictions, atrocities, and sins by Gods. Your reading level is no better than tenth grade, and you wouldn’t know the tenth of them.

Oh boy… Take the organized out of ‘organized religion’ and look at the awkward remnants. This approach to spirituality reminds me of those Choose Your Own Adventure books – skipping around, plodding your own way through a mesh of common story parts at your whim. I feel like maybe a World of Warcraft character just trolled me.

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  • Pam

    I fear that one is a bear of little brain lol- what an absolute dufus!

  • Totally incoherent… it’s like the rambling a person does when their brain is literally, physically coming apart, like from Whalen’s Infraction or heavy drug use.

  • Robin

    You’re right, must be from California, the have the strongest mind altering drugs there.

  • Jen

    Drugs..or possibly a form of schizophrenia. Either way, there is a lack of being able to link his thoughts in a clear and coherent way.

  • Dan Rawlings

    That is funny – It is like taking everything that a bunch of restaurants(religions) can’t use and making a meal out of it.

    Have a nice big slice of Spaghetti and Taco Burger Pie.

    Talk about picking and choosing.

  • Sean

    Somebody send him a copy of The Serpent and the Rainbow, quickly. Though, I doubt he would believe the real story behind the Haitian zombies.

  • Kevin C Jenkins

    Maybe he’s one of those nutters saying the government is using grammar to control people… or maybe he’s just really bad at using it.

  • Ursula Lyttle

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