Says she supports the troops… doesn’t support ALL the troops.


A few weeks ago I contacted Justin Griffith to see if I could possibly help him promote Rock Beyond Belief.   My thinking was that because he is a busy active duty soldier, there may be room for an assistant to help with some remote tasks.   I have been following the scandal since I first heard about it back in March and since I have been wanting to get involved in atheist activism, this just seemed like the right opportunity to actually DO something as opposed to merely complaining about the way things are.  Justin graciously accepted my offer and, as it turns out, people aren’t exactly beating down his door to offer assistance.   I can’t say I was surprised.

What I am surprised about is the reaction I have received from my friends and family.  Here are a few of the things which I have heard:

“You are just doing this for the attention.”

*Right! That is what promotion is all about.

“You wouldn’t support a Christian event (Rock the Fort) so why should you expect me to support this event?”

*Right! I wouldn’t support that.   But I wouldn’t send hate mail or nasty comments to the soldiers who were involved in it.

“You never did anything else to help the troops, so why are you doing this?”

*Right! Now I am and it feels good.   What are you doing?

“I’ll pray for you!”

*right…. [sigh]

Since our men and women in uniform are in everyone’s thoughts over Memorial Day weekend, I decided that it would be a good time to drum up some support for RBB and foxhole atheists in general.   Whenever someone mentioned “supporting the troops” I was sure to mention not to forget to support ALL of the troops.   In many cases I was completely ignored, but in the instance shown in the screen capture above I was…. click!bang!blocked!


This is a devout Christian lady that really does DO things to support the troops; some of them anyway.

Here is a list of the things she does which I am aware of:

  • She is in charge of collection points for dropping off items for care packages.
  • She organizes fund raisers for injured soldiers and their families.
  • She constantly communicates with servicemen over seas that are in need of people to talk to.
  • She apparently doesn’t care much for foxhole atheists.

What really irritates me about this is that I thought we could help each other.  Imagine that!   Christians and atheists helping each other.  Maybe I am the fool for thinking this way, but it just sounded like a good idea to me.   She could have shared information about RBB and possibly developed a better understanding of the situation foxhole atheists are in.  I could have helped her spread the word about her care package projects and fund raisers because I am sure I can reach a wider audience than she has the ability to do.   Now her hypocrisy is on display for the world to see and I just feel like sending her a nastygram.  (I think I will wait for this to get several thousand views before I do that.)

My efforts weren’t completely in vain though.  I was able to get some Christians to listen to the story of RBB and these people unanimously agreed that what happened was just plain wrong.   I guess they are the “True Scotsman!”  I’m proud of what I have done and, yes, I am proud of ALL of our troops, even the ones I don’t agree with.


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  • Don

    I ran into the same issue over the weekend; I even called out some of my “friends” who claimed to “Support Our Troops” but really only wanted to support the religulous ones.

  • Burton Dye

    Don – Do you have, or can you get, a screen cap of the that?

  • Don

    Nothing to capture at this point; the posts have been deleted.

    My bad for not thinking quicker!

  • Rosie

    As my mother says, she takes her Jesus jacket off after Church. She’s just another Christian hypocrite.