Merriam-Webster Cites Sergeant Griffith For “Secular” Entry

I really hope I don’t misspell anything in this post.

Anyway, Robert “Chip” Matthews, production manager at Rock Beyond Belief, got an interesting email this morning. Chip had signed up with Merriam-Webster’s ‘Word of the Day’ messages a while back. Today’s word of the day is Secular.

word of the day, secular - Sergeant Griffith

Awesome. But it gets better.

secular SEK-yuh-ler



a :           of or relating to the worldly or temporal

b :           not overtly or specifically religious

c :           not ecclesiastical or clerical

2 :           not bound by monastic vows or rules; specifically : of, relating to, or forming clergy not belonging to a religious order or congregation

Though I attended a Catholic high school, my education was not too different from that of my friends who came up through more secular institutions.

“In response, Sergeant Griffith has recruited a star lineup of atheist musicians and speakers, including the writer Richard Dawkins, to headline a secular event, possibly for the fall.” — From an article by James Dao in The New York Times, April 27, 2011

I’m in the dictionary! Sort of – well not really, but still – neat. That front page NY Times article was worth reading, by the way. If you missed it here is my take, and here is the article.

Obligatory fun-smashing disclaimer. I do not speak on behalf of the Army or the Department of Defense – I write here, and speak to reporters as Justin Griffith (as opposed to Sergeant Griffith).

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