The Rap Guide to Evolution Opening Off-Broadway

Baba Brinkman is known as the “rap troubadour” and he certainly lives up to that title with his eloquent flow and literary ‘skillzzz.’ However, at this point in his career it seems fitting that he should take on another worthy nom de plume. I suggestneoclassical Renaissance MC” would be a fitting new moniker because Baba embodies the spirit of a true Renaissance Man with a talent for dropping mad rhymes. Even an abbreviated list of Baba’s abilities and achievements will make an ordinary human’s Résumé seem flimsy and trifling.

  • He holds a Masters Degree in Medieval and Renaissance English Literature.
  • He has been dubbed the first peer reviewed rapper because of his informed and serious descriptions of evolution and evolutionary psychology.
  • He is an accomplished orator who is just as comfortable entertaining and enlightening an audience with a lecture as he is performing his music.
  • Having planted over a million trees Baba could even make Johnny Appleseed reconsider his life’s work.
  • Now Baba is venturing into another completely new territory in his career — theatre.

The Rap Guide to Evolution” is opening Off-Broadway this week in June through August 2011 at the Soho Playhouse in New York.  Brinkman’s first attempt at producing it won a Scotsman Fringe First Award for Best New Theatre Writing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2009.    Having been good enough to win the award two years ago, we can only imagine how good it is going to be when it opens this Sunday.   And there is no doubt that Baba has put a lot of hard work into it in order to ensure a very memorable and thoughtful experience for the audience.   Here is a brief synopsis of the show from

“Canadian Baba Brinkman creates an entire hip hop show about evolution, combining the wit, poetry and charisma of a great rapper with the accuracy and rigor of a scientific expert. But The Rap Guide not only uses hip-hop as a vehicle to communicate the facts of evolution; Brinkman also accomplishes the (more surprising) feat of illuminating the origins and complexities of hip-hop culture with Darwin as his inspiration.”

If you intend to visit New York within the next two months, then we urge you to check out this one of a kind show.   Even if you weren’t planning a  trip to the city this summer, “The Rap Guide to Evolution” seems like the perfect excuse to go.

And to Baba, we thank you for your continued support of Rock Beyond Belief and as they say in the theatrical business, “break a leg!

NOW — “It’s time to elevate your mind-state
And celebrate your kinship with the primates”


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