RBB finally featuring RSS

Quick note – I somehow neglected to have any way for people to subscribe to these posts via RSS.

Anyway – here’s the RSS feed

It seems that RSS has been the gold standard for blog readership for quite some time. So I must look pretty dense. So I might as well ask you guys: Do you guys use RSS? Do you use it for anything besides reading blogs? What’s the ‘best’ reader? Am I doing it right yet?

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  • Eric Amundrud

    Feed Demon is the best rss reader by far.

  • Mike

    I also use it to subscribe to my friends’ Flickr feeds, to some online newspaper feeds, to sites with music reviews. It’s great because I don’t have to keep checking back to dozens of sites to see if they’ve been updated.

    • Justin Griffith

      That’s where I think I’m headed with my use. RSS was a foreign concept for me – never bothered to see what it could really do. It’s very intuitive though.

  • If you are using Google Chrome then “Feedly” is a cool extension for RSS. It provides info from similar sites and is setup in a “Magazine” format.

  • I use Google Reader. With that I have access to my feeds on any computer or phone. I use it to keep up on blogs, news, science articles, comics, Google Alerts, Meetup.com, and even podcasts (ties in nicely with Google Listen on an Android Phone).

  • I use Google Reader as well, and from the few posts I’ve read, you’ve certainly earned a spot in my reading list. It is quite nice to be able to essentially scroll through the content and articles of every site I would otherwise manually visit or simply wouldn’t out of laziness. Content aggregation for the win?