There Are No Atheists In Fox News

I’ll just leave this here. Subtle change is very subtle.

There are no atheists in fox news - bill o'reilly subtle

I’m all for exposing the ‘No atheists in foxholes’ BS for what it is. Some people prefer to counter with long winded debunking, or lists of atheist who served in the armed forces. And I like those things too.

But I prefer to take the piss out of the myth with humor.

Best usage:

Condescending Theist: “You know there are no atheists in foxholes, right?”

Sly guy: “You mean Fox-News not fox-hole. That’s the fundie news network, so I wouldn’t expect any atheists. I guess they do have a Scientologist too, though.”

Condescending Theist: “No, I meant…wait what?”

Sly guy: “Greta Van Susteren. Didn’t know that? Yep. She’s good people.”

Condescending Theist: “Well I wasn’t talking about Fox News.”

Sly guy: “Are you sure? I’m an atheist, and they keep me updated about the war I seem to be having on their Christmas.”

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  • beerslayer

    “No atheists in Fox News”. Brilliant. That line is gonna come in handy some day… 🙂

  • Kevin C Jenkins

    There have been atheists on Fox News as guests for O’Reilly to say stupid things to, but I assume you mean the on-camera people. There are apparently atheists among the off-camera crew, according to David Silverman.

    Conscious atheism (as opposed to the sort just hasn’t been exposed to the concept of a god, as in babies) is usually the result of careful rational thought, rather than emotional reactions. The emotional side of the argument for atheism tends to come from a humanist angle. Considering those elements, it makes sense that atheists are not usually socially conservative.

    Has S.E. Cupp been on Fox News? I guess she would be an example of an atheist who isn’t necessarily rational nor humanist, though I suspect that she may be more of a character being played than her actual personality. I wouldn’t be surprised if she eventually has a ‘conversion’, once her shtick as the conservative atheist wears thin.

    Oddly enough, Fox does have successful entertainment with characters who have identified as atheists; namely House and Bones. Of course, House is an ass and Bones is portrayed as someone with borderline Asperger’s syndrome, but the characters are popular nonetheless.

  • John Horstman

    Only foxes in foxholes, and, as we all know, foxes are theists who worship Ceiling Fox.

    FOX doesn’t have a specifically Christian-driven agenda, they have a money-driven agenda, which is why they air programs with atheist main characters and irreverent programs that are openly hostile toward the network and critical of organized religion and sometimes religion in general (The Simpsons, Family Guy, the original run of Futurama). FOX News is the way it is because it’s incredibly lucrative. If selling people on atheism suddenly became a bigger money-maker (and/or political capital machine, as political capital can be leveraged to make more money), the network would transform overnight, with Gordian-knot-logic rationalizations to explain the shift (Yahweh exposed as a socialist democrat?). No one seriously believes Murdoch is a Christian, do they?

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