Dustin at dwnomad pledges to support RBB with an epic bit of disclosure

“I get e-mail…” sometimes in a good way.

Take a look at this offer to help.


You’re so positive and awesome I sure hope I get the chance to meet you at some point. If you need any help with Rock Beyond Belief, whether it’s promotion, logistics, being a greeter, or if you’re desperate for a speaker I would be happy to help. I probably should disclose that my last public speaking engagement was the last sermon I preached just over four years ago.


Quite a bombshell of a disclosure!

West Valley Free ThinkersDustin writes at the excellent dwnomad blog, and also helps run a local congregation non-religious meet up group in Idaho – the West Valley Freethinkers. For whatever reason, it took me a second to ‘see it’ properly, but I really love that logo! (right)

He was a fifth generation Seventh Day Adventist. He had an epiphany about losing his faith while in the Master of Divinity seminary program. Dustin’s bio has an extremely appropriate quote:

“I still like to share the good news, of course now it’s sharing the good news of atheism. I guess the old cliche, “once a preacher, always a preacher,” holds true for me.”

It seems that Dustin Williams has a lot in common with one of our own performers, Dan Barker. Dan, of course is the illustrious co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), author, musician, and also a former evangelical preacher. We need more people like Dan and Dustin. They are intimately familiar with the source material of our religious counterparts, as well as possessing years of leadership and public speaking experience.

I told Dustin that he could indeed help out, but explained that we simply can’t stuff any more speakers onto the lineup for the time being. So he agreed to help spread the word of the issues facing foxhole atheists, as well as the Rock Beyond Belief festival on his blog. He had already showed me the importance of RSS. Quite a helpful fellow, I’d say!

He’s now on the small Media / Blogger distribution list that I maintain. If any other readers have blogs, big or small, you can drop me a line if you want to help spread the word too.

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  • Dennis

    There are more of us out there than you might think, that is, former preachers who are now atheists. We’re perhaps not as talented as Dustin and Dan but we’re here. As a study done by Daniel Dennitt showed, there are even some still in the pulpit and looking for a way out.

  • Kandy Haldeman

    Dear Justin –
    I have followed you from the beginning and admire you tremendously; you are the best of us, offering your service to our country and using your intellect and determination to find and expose the truth. I am in New Mexico and I would kill (not really, that would give atheists a bad name) to be there, buy may I suggest that people like Dustin could form an ongoing panel of atheists with various stories not on the podium but on the side for an “Ask the atheist” panel. Visitors could ask questions on a personal level and learn about how far from one end of the spectrum atheists come. I am so excited for this dream to come to fruition! I will be curious to learn how many officers will show up to give you their best wishes.