Because these darned American Flags wont shred themselves

Quick start a Prayer Circle and ask for big-ass scissors! 

Army's Spiritual Fitness = Spiritual Resilience

I knew you could do it!

What’s (literally) wrong with this picture?

  • Giant, bold Comic Sans [I swear it came like this]
  • Judging from the pictures, everything but ‘Emotional’ is an outdoor activity.
  • That emo guy in the bottom right corner represents resilience, a code word for not committing suicide.
  • That emo guy in the bottom right corner is close to those big ass sharp scissors.
  • An entire hour to do this: *SNIP*
  • ‘Meet me by the flag-pole’ went horribly wrong that day.
  • 2 or more people are praying for helmets.
  • Did the prayer circle just snip that poor girl’s rope?
  • Did they steal her head gear too?
  • The American Flag being cut up, and not even for free-speech / protest [the unintentional metaphor is however, ‘right’ / appropriate]
  • The Red Cross building already had something in it…?
Okay, okay, I’ll cut it out.

What else is wrong with this picture?

This is a disturbing new trend in the saga of the mandatory Spiritual Fitness testing and training. The Spiritual Fitness Center in Fort Hood, Texas cost $30 Million (your dollars).

When I heard that they opened a Virtual Spiritual Fitness Center, I thought they were kidding. When I heard that they were opening these things in deployed areas, I got frustrated. But now that I’ve been cordially invited to a grand opening ceremony… I’m bracing for impact. This crap is becoming institutionalized!

The word ‘fitness’ is used interchangeably with ‘resilience’ in the chaplaincy’s pseudo-scientific literature on the subject. As you can see here, the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness brochure is prominently featured.

Once again, the only visual representation of ‘Spiritual’ is religious in context – you know the thing they aren’t supposed to mandate. The thing they aren’t even supposed to TEST FOR! Let alone create several hours of mandatory remedial training…

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