Atheist singers wanted for National Anthem on a large military base

Can you sing? Do you want to support the troops with your voice? Are you free on March 31st, 2012?

Want to sing the National Anthem on a military base?

My awesome production manager, Chip Matthews, just sent me this.

“Seeking vocal artists for an a capella group rendering of the  National Anthem. Please have experience singing in a group without musical accompaniment. Auditions will be held at a time and place to be announced. Those chosen will perform the National Anthem for the opening of the Rock Beyond Belief Concert.

A soldier named Naomi Cunningham is arriving this week to Fort Bragg to report for duty on the 10th. She will be heading up this little project and will be making the decisions on things like how many people and who sings what parts, and so on. As soon as she gets settled in we’ll announce the real audition day/time/place. I’m guessing she will have sheet music for the different parts.

Those interested can contact:”

Civilians are most certainly welcome, but I’d love to see even more military members jump up there too. I know that a few members of the local atheist group MASH Fort Bragg have already pledged their support too.

If you’re local you should totally join MASH Fort Bragg (if not, start a chapter on/near you!)

All interested participants MUST:

  • Submit a recording of their singing ASAP
  • Travel at own expense (remember, even Richard Dawkins is doing the same)
And it is probably helpful to be:
  • Local (or arrive a few days early)
  • Comfortable singing in front of groups
  • Able to rehearse
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  • I was just told that I can’t sing.

  • Brian Westley

    “You can’t handle the truth!”

    • Justin Griffith


  • ShantiClaire

    I would be proud to come sing at Ft. Bragg! I will make a recording and send very soon. I am a secular humanist who has been instrumental in getting a group started on campus at my college (we are Secular Humanists Initiating Free Thought or SHIFT), where I am a vocal performance major. I have sung with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra Chorus, and am a professional Dickens Christmas Caroler (ah! the irony).

  • gwen

    Have you talked to JT (of the what would JT do freethought blog)? He has an AWESOME singing voice! He is a formally trained operatic singer.