U.S. Army forces Soldiers to learn Wiccan rituals, Christians need to fight back!

Sergeant Poe’s Law Firm has been alerted.

“Here is undeniable pictorial evidence that the Army is forcing me to learn Wiccan rituals.” Sergeant Poe

Here is the link to the Virtual Spiritual Fitness Center… act quickly before the new world order deletes the page. They even control Google Cache!

Christians, are you thinking to yourself, “I can’t believe the Army is forcibly teaching our soldiers about Wiccan rituals! That is un-American!”

But they are.

It’s all part of the left-wing socialist agenda. They think that alternative religions are part of how we reduce suicides! IDIOTS! These minorities are forcing their witch craft on our Christian soldiers!

(end of Poe)

Now are you paying attention, Christians? Good.

It’s time to learn a lesson about Christian Privilege

Wiccan beliefs are hardly even mentioned on the optional, but bizarre virtual spiritual fitness site. Within the mandatory training, there is a passing reference or two to Yoga, Buddha and Islam.

Guess what religion is actually forced on Soldiers who take this new 130 million dollar mandatory spiritual testing and training? Christianity!

This is a sample from the hours and hours of mandatory remedial spiritual fitness training. This picture comes from the portion where they teach soldiers how to fold the flag like a good little Christian. It’s entirely representative of the training as a whole.


Weren’t you upset when you thought there was a chance that Wiccan beliefs were part of mandatory training taught to Christians?

Are you still upset that Muslim and Buddhist viewpoints are indeed part of the mandatory training?

Shouldn’t a soldier’s religious choices be a private thing that the Government can’t mandate?

Christians, do not comment until you read the next link (brace yourself)

Please, read here to see what many of your fellow Christians in foxholes are going through when they fail the new Spiritual Fitness test. It’s disgusting. Christian Soldiers are just as offended as atheist soldiers (like myself), but we need all of you to care.

Even though there is no large-scale Wiccan spell casting class, you still need to fight back. I know many Christians are able to work with atheists, Jews, Muslims, etc. for many things. Please make this one of those things.

Please speak out against this clear cut violation of the Establishment and the No Religious Test clauses of the U.S. Constitution. Tell the White House that the Spiritual Fitness testing and training is unconstitutional and to please do something about it!


Please spread the word to your Christian friends about Sergeant Poe. I hear the internet has named a law after him. Now Poe’s law is best invoked when used for great justice.

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  • Bradley

    I like how they have atheism listed as a faith…lol

    • jacobfromlost

      What’s even funnier is the icons for each of the dimensions.

      Physical: a dude lifting weights.

      Emotional: a dude standing there (how is that emotional?).

      Social: two empty dialogue bubbles (???).

      Family: one big dude and one little dude (?).

      Spiritual: a tree.

      A TREE! I mean, the other icons are stupid, but A TREE? They might as well replace the word “spiritual” with “look at the trees!”


  • Paul Hunter

    If I were in the Army I’d find this entire exercise highly insulting; it has so many options that it makes all of them meaningless?

    The test to find out what kind of a Chtistian you are is at best quite amusing!

  • If the test bothers to list atheist/agnostic, why is it that if you answer the questions honestly you fail?

  • Yoritomo

    The “Virtual Spiritual Fitness Center” is bizarre. Is there any reason why they group atheists, agnostics and the Secular Student Alliance as “others” among the religious preferences? Surely not because there are fewer atheists or agnostics in the US military than Wiccans or Hindus. And I miss all non-Hindu polytheistic faiths. Are there no Shintoists in foxholes? (Probably not, they do banzai charges instead.)

  • Paul Hunter

    Here is the Email after I took the test to find out what I believed? I’m glad I don’t have to put it in my Personal Filr!

    There is even th Option of Sharing on Facebook

    Secular Humanism (100%)

    Unitarian Universalism (90%)

    Nontheist (76%)

    Liberal Quakers (73%)

    Theravada Buddhism (70%)

    Neo-Pagan (61%)

    Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (54%)

    New Age (44%)

    Taoism (40%)

    Mahayana Buddhism (37%)

    Orthodox Quaker (34%)

    Reform Judaism (34%)

    Jainism (32%)

    Baha’i Faith (27%)

    Seventh Day Adventist (22%)

    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (20%)

    Hinduism (20%)

    Sikhism (20%)

    Scientology (19%)

    Eastern Orthodox (17%)

    Islam (17%)

    Orthodox Judaism (17%)

    Roman Catholic (17%)

    New Thought (17%)

    Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (16%)

    Jehovah’s Witness (13%)

    Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (10%)

  • crissakentavr

    My spouse always has a spiel about how she should convince rightwingers that our founding fathers were wiccans: Because they chose a flag, striped in blood, a covenant of thirteen, with a pentagram for each arranged in a circle on a night-sky colored field. And they hid their mottos in tongues! E Pluribus Unum, what’s with that and all?

    I hate to be hearing someone is taking it seriously… First they demand everyone have a ‘spiritual side’ and now they’re pissed that means there are other ways to be spiritual!

  • mavrick

    Might be time to keep all religion or religious artifacts out of the military. There should be a clear line between religion and the state or ie US Military since we will never agree on all religions.