God wants me to do *what* with these sandbags?

I’ve come a long way on my Spiritual Fitness journey. I’ve taken their advice and started an ‘online blog’ and everything. I even took their advice to join social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook in order to connect with a Spiritual Community back home.

However, I fear that if I’m too open minded about the mandatory Spiritual Fitness testing and training, I might find myself in this sticky situation.

(Thanks, Facebook!)

We tend to use sandbags for other purposes on the active duty side. We even use them extensively out here in the sandbox. But the sentiment remains. And as many Chapels are stocked with Psalm 91, a book that pretty much suggests that god will be a bullet blocker and that soldiers don’t need real / physical armor… these types of thoughts and questions are bound to be raised by impressionable Soldiers.

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  • Jonathan Roberts

    This is a facebook meme I tried to get started last year. It’s along the same lines:

    This is a test of your Faith in Prayer. Do you Believe the United States is a Christian Nation? Do you Believe the Constitution was Inspired by God? Do you Believe God chose America to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ? Show your Faith in Prayer this Election Day. Pray instead of Voting. If you need to vote, your Faith isn’t Strong Enough. Trust God: Pray, Don’t Vote! Copy and repost.

    • Justin Griffith

      I like it. Well played.

    • Joshua Van De Venter

      This I’d perpetuate. Hell, I’m tempted to post it for the next election anyways.

    • I will see if my faceboo groups are interested in propagating this meme.

  • julian

    I had always been led to believe filling sandbags was meant to build character. And now I find it’s arguably an act of blasphemy and an attempt to subvert God’s will?!

    I will definitely be filling with a little more pep in my step. Although it may be a little awkward explaining to my corporal why I keep smirking like an idiot the whole while.

  • That’s right, if God doesn’t want you to be shot he will deflect the bullets–who needs sandbags?

    Just watched a show about a visiting veterinary in Nepal–apparently a lot of animals are simply verminous with fleas and ticks because Buddhists won’t kill them. You’d think that it would be an act of kindness to hurry along anyone who’s been condemned to life as a flea, wouldn’t you?

    • julian

      You’d think that it would be an act of kindness to hurry along anyone who’s been condemned to life as a flea, wouldn’t you?

      Especially considering their whole existence would be spent sucking the blood of other creatures and generally making their host’s life miserable. No way are they earning good karma with that life style!

  • grumpyoldfart

    That god with all his floods and earthquakes – he can be a real little scallywag sometimes.