Evangelical Air Force Officer / Bully

Please respect the ‘no contact order’ that you are repeatedly violating. I’ve got too much going on in my life to keep dealing with you, seriously. STOP.

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  • MJ Kelleher

    Three words I’m sure you already know:

    Document, document, document.

    Thanks for your service, in the Army and American Atheists.

  • MikeMa


  • Dustin

    Jonathan Dowty is a spineless coward. Before I found out he was an active duty officer I engaged him once before on his blog. His replies got progressively shorter and more pathetic as he was forced to concede point after point. Then I found out that he’s still in the service and had to back off. He has spent the last three years attacking my character on his blog, and now the coward is censoring my reply.

    Jonathan Dowty is a liar, a bully, and a fanatic who disregards the military laws that professional soldiers like Justin have to follow.