Pabst Yellow Ribbon Campaign

These yellow ribbons, stickers, and magnets are pointless and only benefit the makers of ribbons, stickers, and magnets.

Pray for the troops stickers are dumb, buy troops a beer instead

Find a soldier, veteran, or military spouse and just say “Thank you.”

Bonus points: beer is another way to spend about the same amount of money as the ribbon would have cost. That’s why I’m dubbing this the ‘Pabst Yellow Ribbon Campaign’.

Check out all the ways you can give thanks and/or beer:

from the first post on the Pabst Yellow Ribbon Campaign…

In person:

We’re not hard to spot if you live near a major airport or military town. Look for the haircut, really. All you have to do is just buy that service member a drink. Or give him or her two bucks that say “I was going to waste this on a sticker, now I want you to waste it on beer – enjoy!”

It will make their day, I promise.

Also in person:

At the Rock Beyond Belief festival – Fort Bragg, NC. There’ll be a ton of us on March 31st, 2012, and it’s totally free. This may only happen one time, and it might be the most important freethought event in a decade (totally pulled that out of my ass though haha.) You can get your picture taken with us, or the secular ‘celebrities’, or the Army’s Golden Knights Parachute team (weather permitting). Also, free childcare, and free admittance. Bring a blanket.

I want to donate my $2, but troops are so far away. Can’t I just click on something?

Yes, but you might as well get a six pack. We’re thirsty! If you do click on the donation link for American Atheists (I’m the Military Director), be sure to mention it during the typing/clicking phase of the transaction. Dave Silverman says I can’t really spend the money on beer. But on the upside, 100% of the money will go towards activism.

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  • mkb

    I tried to do this today and mentioned your blog when offering two soldiers beer money. They thanked me for the offer but said it was unnecessary.

  • Michael

    First off, welcome home, Sergeant. Well done. While, as a veteran, I applaud all my brothers and sisters in arms for their courage and for doing their civic duty to serve this great nation, I have to tell you that this post is downright sickening!

    I mean, *Pabst Blue Ribbon?* Ewwww. I know its the only commonly known beer with “ribbon” in the name, but “just say no” to bad beer!


    OK, you are forgiven in light of your time in the sandbox. In lieu of buying you a good beer to educate that heathen palate, I just made a six-pack-of-a-good-Belgian-or-German-ale sized donation to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.


    Lt. Michael Davis

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