This is what happens when you die, it’s a fact.

It’s a fact:

When you die you go to Rainbow Road.

I’m pretty sure this is a fact, anyway:


Please let me know if you have more examples of absurd material like this… preferably related to religion / atheism in the same loose manner. I’m craving more! Deployment is winding down and boring, and this had us all rolling.

Leave your links in the comments please.

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  • Brian Gregory


  • VeritasKnight

    I really don’t want to go to Rainbow Road. I *hate* Rainbow Road.

    Honestly, every time you post something like this, Justin, you increase the amount of beer I want to buy you.

  • ZoAnn

    Rebecca Black no longer has the “worst video in the world.” I just lost someIQ points watching that, and I think I’ll go read some Freethought Blogs to get it back.

    • risenape

      This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

  • grumpyoldfart
  • danielq

    This should cheer you up , and another one that’s real good for deployment is

  • benjdm

    Did you see this story?

    Capt. Ryan Jean wanted to perform well on the Army’s psychological evaluation for soldiers. But he also wanted to answer the questions honestly. So when he was asked whether he believed his life had a lasting purpose, Jean, an atheist, saw no choice but to say no.

    Those and other responses, Jean says, won him a trip to see the post chaplain, who berated him for his lack of faith.

    “He basically told me that if I don’t get right with God, then I’m worthless,” said Jean, now an intelligence officer at Fort Meade. “That if I don’t believe in Jesus, why am I in uniform, because this is God’s army, and that I should resign my commission in order to stop disgracing the military.”

  • Shayne Schecht

    They actually have a spiritual fitness requirement in the military now? What the actual fuck??? There is something so wrong about that. America … Freedom of religion, as long as you have one. Fucking fuckballs!