Internet forces Anti-gay evangelist Nurse out of the privacy closet

Nurse Lincy Pandithurai can’t expect privacy anymore.

This blog was just front-paged on reddit, bringing with it some internet culture usually found at the deep end of the pool.

First of all, it was an incredibly shocking story, and you should read what that war-hero went through at the Dallas Veteran’s Affairs hospital. Then you should sign the petition demanding that this nurse gets fired.

The internet is a scary place. Anonymous-styled hacktivism has already spilled over into the streets for would be oppressors (or sometimes just for the lulz).

Dropping ‘dox’

This is anon/haquer speak for “releasing identifying documents”. Reddit seems to have dropped ‘dox’ on the Nurse.

It’s kind of disturbing how much data is available, and how quickly it was found. One redditor said: “I’m surprised it didn’t have her bra size”

Phone numbers, street addresses, career field data. It’s all there. If that wasn’t enough, that website has Google Maps embedded. It actually tells you exactly how to drive to meet this person.

I’m definitely discouraging any form of vigilante physical confrontations. On the other hand, I’m really not sure if I can resist the urge to call Nurse Lincy Pandithurai to express my sheer disappointment with her actions. The information is out there, and people are already swirling around it.

At most, I’ll be making a single phone call – and I’d like to urge to others out there not to do anything more than that, and perhaps do nothing. And if you do use the information, please take the high road. Don’t make threats, or do anything stupid like that.

The last thing we need is this:

And then she’ll be the new hero of the Christian Right. Watch as Fox News magically transforms Lincy Pandithurai from ignorant bigot into “a persecuted Christian who was fired from her job for her beliefs.”

If she is fired, you can bet that the Christian Right will jump on this, because she is just the kind of fake martyr they’re looking for. You will hear:

“…and this is why we need exemptions of conscience in all so-called anti-hate legislation. We need exemptions of conscience so that Christians like Lincy are not persecuted for their beliefs.”

“…this Christian nurse saw a patient who deeply depressed and saw that the Lord could help her, and yet she is fired from her job for helping this woman in the way that Jesus showed us.”

The spin coming from the Christian Right and Fox News is going to make it look like the nurse is the victim of Political Correctness run amok, while the marine who made the complaint is going to be made to look like a mentally unstable homosexual activist lashing out against Christians. I hate it, but I think that’s what we should expect.

Taken from a well written comment on reddit.

I do think that the Nurse still needs to be fired, even with this cynical ‘tactical’ view point in mind. Whatever bias is likely to spawn from the no atheists in FoxNews machine will come out either way.

There are no atheists in fox news - bill o'reilly subtle

But Nurse Pandithurai almost had blood on her hands. If she doesn’t already – from someone who didn’t survive their encounter.

She needs to go.

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    Apparently it’s this kind of teaching that encouraged her to do the act. A lot of her supporters seem to be waving this around as a perfectly acceptable sort of behaviour.

    And it’s less a case of “dropping dox” and more a case of basic google fu. Most medical practitioners are heavily represented online. Indeed once I qualify for practice in the UK, I will officially be incapable of using the Pseudonym (If I am still blogging then I shall use my real name.)

    I am thinking of taking a whack at it. A lot of their suggestions are rather unethical.

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people like Pandithurai in government service. It’s also unfortunate there’s organizations like Fox News who’ll try to justify her illegal behavior.

  • beanie

    One question that needs to be asked is – How is it that there is a culture in the VA whereby this person felt free to say those things? Granted she may have taken it upon hersolf with her own personal “chistian authority “to say what she did. However, how pervasive is this culture of intermingling faith in public service? Has this happened before and what was the response by superiors or peers? I would not necessarily wish her to lose her job if 1. She was not adequately trained to keep her religion to herself and 2. If this inappropriate behavior was modeled and condoned in her workplace. (monkey see. monkey do.)

    I have no idea what they teach nurses about keeping their religion to themselves. So I don’t assume anything. You would think the axiom about keeping religion , politics and sex to yourself OTJ would be be common sense. However, so many ppl lack common sense these days. Hmmmmm. Does that no longer mean it’s common sense? Good Grief!

  • wat

    The Dallas VA is generally horrible, and has been in trouble before for the apathetic, lazy, and incompetent character of their staff.