At last, actual photographs of god

Still recovering from FtB server upgrade. Some things are not appearing correctly.

In the mean time check this picture out. Is this really Him?

Click to embiggen.

at last, actual photograph of god

I’m convinced.

Concept conceived while trying to load r/atheism on shitty internet connection. Now to find out if this idea has already been done to death…

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  • mck9

    Neither version of the image shows up for me, in either Firefox 3.6.24 or IE 8, both on Windows 7. I haven’t tried it on my Linux partition yet.

    Maybe you loaded it on the old server?

    • Justin Griffith

      Or perhaps there is another explanation…


  • DaveL

    This reminds me of when I stopped by a booth set up by some atheist society at a local art fair. They were handing out pamphlets titled “What God has Revealed to Man”. They were blank inside.

    • Justin Griffith


      I suppose it’s all in how you interpret that pamphlet.

  • Took me a minute to figure it out. Now I have an earworm of the song “Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin'”

  • lordshipmayhem

    OMG – It’s the celestial teapot!

  • cag

    I just bought* 500 pictures of god. I’m going to use them in my printer, passing on the gospel to my fellow humans. Pareidolia is not what it used to be.

    * If you count the last couple of years as “just”.

  • Glodson

    Great. Thanks for that. Now I know I’ve been backing the wrong pony all this whole time.

    Now I just need to get my ass to Church! Now, it was hard to tell what religion that God was a part of, so I’ll have to go to all of them just to be sure.

    Fuck, this is going to be a long week of going to radically different churches and praying my head off in great many different ways in the hope that I can figure out what the one true god’s religion really is.

    Wait… I think I see two of those fuckers in the photo…..