Photographs of God on Facebook. No, really…

I think atheism is completely refuted now that photos of god are everywhere. Not photoshopped. Sorry guys, we were wrong.

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  • josephstricklin

    Hey, I think your picture is…oh wait. I get it now.

    • Justin Griffith

      I see what I did there.

  • robinbaker

    And we all know, if it’s on Facebook it MUST be true!

    • Justin Griffith

      I think this time, it is true.

      God is a 404, and god’s facebook wall’s reflect how empty the concept is.

      • danielq

        Did you know, you can now go to church on Facebook. A University started a Facebook page that allows Christian Students to “Congregate” on Facebook and pray to their favorite imaginary friends together. Here’s the article URL, , it’s not a very touching story just humorous and kind of creepy. Maybe you can go there and share God’s picture with them, I guarantee they won’t get it.

  • lordshipmayhem

    “We’re sorry, the deity to which you prayed does not exist. Please check your belief system, and try your prayer again. This is a recording.”

  • Wolfram183

    Too Funny! I am new to the non-believing people, so it took me a bit.

    • Paddy

      Welcome, Wolfram!