Nurse suspended after ‘Lifestyle of sin’ for gays with PTSD

I just got a head’s up from Mark Dingbaum at announcing the news.

It seems that the VA Hospital in Dallas is doing the right thing. Nurse Nanci Pandathurai has been suspended from seeing patients. To be clear, she is still going to work while the investigation concludes. Her duties will now be more aligned with secretarial / administrative assistant work until her case is concluded.

If you’re not familiar with the story, try to read this without breaking your computer.

Mark had some very nice words for us:

Thank you so much for covering Esther’s story — I attribute your reporting to basically helping her double the number of signers on the petition. Truly remarkable.

Just wanted to make sure you saw that the Dallas VA has pulled Nurse Pandithurai from seeing patients while the the investigation continues. This is the newest update I’ve received from Dallas VA, but it’s a good sign that they’re taking this investigation seriously.

Here are some source articles:




Keep in mind, that every signature on the petition generates several e-mails to government officials. It really has been a vehicle for change, and I’m sure this is welcome news for Esther Garatie.

I’d like to redirect some of the praise in Mark’s message straight over to the internet atheists that hopped aboard the cause. This one more case where a coordinated ‘raging Lorax’ (who speaks for those who can’t) actually did a great deal of good.

I’ll keep you updated as the story develops, but please feel free to add your name to the petition if you haven’t already.

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