Camp Pendleton cross was *illegal*, predictably Fox News freaked out

American Atheists Vice President (and former Military Director / my mentor!) Kathleen Johnson handled the situation perfectly. Which is almost certainly why they ended the segment soon after she was given a turn to speak.


  • Camp Pendleton is not in Afghanistan.
  • Camp Pendleton is near San Diego.
  • All chapels have complied with the concept of neutralizing / sanitizing the area after every religious ceremony to provide real neutrality… for decades.
  • American Atheists are not able to pass laws. This was removed because of existing military regulations.

There are no atheists in Fox News.

There are no atheists in fox news - bill o'reilly subtle

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  • *Headdesk*

    Some of us have been wondering recently why we can’t get this reported as “We are just asking U.S. organizations to obey the law!”

  • At least they admitted that the regulations are in place, but try to pull that old “Nobody in our neighbourhood stops for that stop sign, we all know it isn’t serious” as an excuse for continuing to break the law.

  • Jordan Sekulow shows his lack of honesty. He stated that atheists are concerned about the level of evangelicals in the military, referring directly to MAAF demographics showing that 66% of military chaplains, verses less than 19% of the population. Yet in the same interview, he claimed that 90% of the military is Christian, when the same demographics show that less than 70% of the military is Christian. His motto is to use facts when they’re convenient; otherwise, just make things up.

    • Dan Rawlings

      HA! My thoughts exactly! When I watched this I paused playback to pull up the demographics page to see where they were getting their numbers.

  • annie

    I love how the host says, “fair and balanced debate” under his breath… as if even he knows it’s BS.

  • Bill Thacker


    Is that screenshot genuine? If so, isn’t it practically an admission that FOX News practices religious discrimination in its hiring policies? Seems a likely FCC violation, as well.

    • papango

      I don’t think so. The next line says ‘reason for tide still unexplained’. I hope it’s satire, but I don’t watch Fox enough to be sure they haven’t gone that far.

    • Bob Dowling

      I’m guessing that there’s an automatic spellchecker in play that converted foxholes into foxnews.

    • Justin Griffith

      Haha, I got you guys good. I made that in photoshop about 3 months ago when I was on Fox News radio. That interview went really well, except I kept kicking myself for not having said “there are no atheists in Fox News”…

      I re-use it every once in a while.

      • N. Nescio

        It would probably be better if you did not.

        If it’s Bill O’Reilly on Fox News I wouldn’t be surprised at such a thing coming across the ticker, either by accident or unintelligent design. Call it “Bill’s Corollary” to Poe’s Law, perhaps – it’s something he would plausibly say or indicate, and I assumed such was the case.

        You ‘got’ me too, and if you’re going to point out the dishonesty of Fox News you probably shouldn’t be using images you faked yourself in those posts.

  • jj7212

    That picture of the cross was NOT on Camp Pendleton… It doesn’t snow there at all. This wasn’t a very focused segment on any particular cross. I got nothing from it other than a vague argument from both sides. I’m a 13 year Marine vet and I’ve never ever seen or had to deal with religion except for a chaplain speaking during a change-of-command ceremony and the like… not really imposing relgion at all. If the cross came down, great. Let’s move on cause in the Marines, it’s a non-issue really. The Army and Air Force seem to have far more trouble with it. Focus on them. Semper Fi from this godless vet.

    • Blahblah


  • jon custer

    Jj7212 thank you for your service protecting us sir.

  • Any Exposure is good. K’s Confidence is great to have. More to follow I am sure .

  • Why is this even a controversy? For Pete’s Sake, the host even says:

    The Army Chaplain’s manual prohibits permanent displays of religious symbols

    There’s a prohibition against it, it should not be up. Period.

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