Catholic student vows to hunt me down

Being a highly visible atheist in the military, I get a steady trickle of threats of violence, and absurd walls of text. It goes with the territory.

I was just cleaning out the spam trap when I found this gem.

I will hunt you down. – Terry Wrist 

IP: 180.95.XX.XX

Obviously I censored the IP. It resolves to a Melbourne Based Catholic school. This one. We tipped off the internet cops, and they have provided a sketch of the suspects.

Terry Wrist, is most definitely on the international ‘No-Fly’ List (don’t even joke about him in an airport.) Internet Police Chief, Heywood Jablome assigned me a team of bodyguards, just in case.

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  • F

    As an ex-Catholic, I hunt down Catholics who make threats stemming from their Catholicism.


    Lenny Elbow

  • N. Nescio

    Do you have any factual basis which would lead you to produce that image implying either of those children sent that message, as opposed to say a teacher or other staff member?

    This and your ‘joke’ “No atheists in FoxNews” pic are causing me to have slight doubts about your honesty, and I wish that was not so. I greatly admire the work you do to keep religion in its place, but I respectfully submit that it’s time to step away from the Photoshop.

    • Justin Griffith

      Here is a link to the comment…

      Here is a screenshot of my moderator view FIX’D

      Here is some IP Geo-locator crap.

      Are we good now? Look, I’m just trying to handle these guys like Richard Dawkins does. Laughing at them hysterically. I’m not kidding, I get death threats all the time. This one made me laugh, thought I’d share.

      “as opposed to say a teacher or other staff member?”

      No. Who cares about such a distinction?

      • N. Nescio

        I do not dispute that you received such a comment from the IP and location you published. I cannot view the screencap of your moderator view link. I do not doubt that you receive death threats. I came up on Usenet and I am well familiar with numerous forms of netkook, religious death-threateners included.

        No arguments there.

        I agree that derision and public mockery is an appropriate response to most of these incidents. For what it’s worth, the bit about the “Internet Police Chief Heywood Jablowme” made me chuckle. Thus far we agree on more than we disagree.

        The distinction is important when your headline is “Catholic student vows to hunt me down” and includes an image you made of a couple of possibly uninvolved children from the IP owner’s website with the quote of the threat itself, and a remark about doing so “after recess”; and yet you do not demonstrate the truth of your claim that a student made that comment, only that the comment itself was made.

        I fear this sounds dangerously close to tone trolling, but would you like it if somebody used a (public, granted) photo of your kid in that manner?

        • Justin Griffith

          The distinction is important when your headline is “Catholic student vows to hunt me down” and includes an image you made of a couple of possibly uninvolved children from the IP owner’s website with the quote of the threat itself,

          It’s physically impossible for two children to both have written the one comment. So it is painfully obvious that neither of these kids are involved.

          and a remark about doing so “after recess”;

          The name was ‘Terry Wrist’. Terrorist. It was play-ground stuff. Like Seymour Butts, Amanda Hugginkiss…

          and yet you do not demonstrate the truth of your claim that a student made that comment,

          I demonstrated the ‘false’ of the claim that it was those particular children. Besides, what type of website would put such a picture up? This is absolutely *obvious* to everybody that I took a real quote and visually narrated it in the style of a Daily Show / Colbert Report ‘image pun’.

          Perhaps I’m not funny, or this one fell flat, etc. I can take that. I can even take death threats.

          But you are being weird.

          only that the comment itself was made.

          was made from that school, in a juvenile manner (Terry Wrist).

          I’m really not judging you here. But is there a chance that you have Autism / Aspergers? Not that there’s anything wrong with it if so.

          • kendermom

            Not to sound all butt-hurt or anything, but I’ve got two kids with autism, and this reply was just too drawn out for someone with autism, and not focused enough on ONE part of your post for someone with auspergers…

            He could very well have some sort of PDD or autistic spectrum disorder, but I’m not familiar with the other ones to even try to make a guess.

          • N. Nescio

            Mere seconds after I submitted my reply to your reply, I felt a breeze about my ears. I thought nothing of it at the time, assuming it was the drafty house I live in, and went on to prepare dinner.

            Later, after eating and reading your reply to my reply to your reply I realized that the strange air movement was in fact wind rushing by as the joke sailed majestically over my head.

            Terry Wrist…Heywood Jablowme. Geez Louize.

            As a former Roman Catholic, I think the most appropriate words for this situation are “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa”. Or in post-Vatican II: “my bad.”

            I used to volunteer helping with autistic children in highschool, and I’m well aware of how people with Asperger’s behave. I don’t have any of those issues. I get jokes, usually…I swear. How I missed this one, and missed it so solidly (and so publicly!) I cannot explain, and wish I had a good excuse. I don’t.

            I’m going to have to own this one as a straight-up dumbass moment on my part, and use it as a reminder to myself that sometimes I need to lighten the hell up. I appreciate your being willing to discuss it in a civil and polite manner far better than I deserved for taking such an obvious joke blog post *way* too seriously.

            Further, my beef about the ‘no atheists in Fox News’ image has been entirely resolved by your explanation and links provided, and notice posted on the story I mentioned. For this I am grateful, and consider the issue moot.

            I think we’re good here. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go find a towel large enough to get all this egg off of my face.

    • Justin Griffith

      Also, the “No Atheists in Fox News” picture I made was from a while back. It was for a post that could not be mistaken in the way you described.

      I’ve re-used it about 5 times since then. Even when I was actually on Fox News (radio).

      direct link to interview, in case that’s in doubt too:

      Nobody was ever confused until yesterday. I’ll take it as a sign that I’ve attracted a much bigger audience now. 😉

      • N. Nescio

        I was not reading your blog back when you posted that image for the first time, and I concede that at that time you made it obvious that it was a manipulated image. I appreciate that you posted the link to show me that it was – that’s the first time I have seen that article. Thank you.

        It was *not* immediately clear in your post on November 28th, and I stand by the statement I made at the time: it seemed entirely plausible to me that Bill O’Reilly would say something so nutty, and since the image was displayed along with another image of Fox News I assumed that it was genuine. I was not the only person who was unsure. I appreciate that you have updated the story to clear up that misunderstanding. I maintain that it was a bad idea to display a manipulated yet somewhat believable image of a Fox News show while pointing out the dishonesty of Fox News.

        Those two images and the way they were presented was really my only beef. I like your blog (I am in fact part of your expanded audience) and respect what you do, and decided I would do you the courtesy of commenting as I did to give you the opportunity to show me how I was wrong; as opposed to just quietly having nagging doubts about claims you make.

        • Justin Griffith

          Calm, respectful dialog = good stuff my friend. You’re good people.

          I get what you’re saying here. But the photoshop bit is sort of my thing. I honestly took the confusion as a complement to my improving skills, but recognized the need to explain it in a passing reference. Didn’t think this level of detail was required.

          Please don’t be put off by this exchange, and definitely feel free to comment here (in open disagreement…)

    • F

      You seem exceptionally dim for someone who puts words together so well.

      • N. Nescio

        If you have counter-argument, please present it as Sgt. Griffith did. Otherwise I give it as much credence as any other childish ad hominem.

  • Len

    Standard Aussie humour name. Also seen here:

    • Justin Griffith

      Yeah I thought it was funny. 🙂

      That’s why I responded with Heywood Jablome

      • Mike Hawk

        Don’t worry Justin. I read it and thought it was funny. I didn’t for a second believe you were implying that these two kids were the authors of your hate mail and I’m a fucking idiot! So I’m not sure what Nescio’s problem was

        • N. Nescio

          TL;DR of my above apology:

          Sometimes I’m a *bigger* fucking idiot.

          • Justin Griffith

            No, you calmly discussed something, and then changed your mind. You even did it with humility. You struck me as a person who simply desired to be well informed.

            Perhaps a little too enthusiastically this time. I’ve done that too, many times. I’m bound to do it again.

            Besides, as you said – you weren’t the only one confused on that post about Fox News. This discussion may have benefited others as well.

            All bloggers do have to beware of trolls. But I’m glad I dismissed the few pink flags I saw.

  • Kimpatsu

    The Terry Wrist joke came from the Ozzie comic troupe the Chasers:

  • LimaBravo

    You know I suspect you could take him mano-e-mano 😀

    Theres also the whole issue of his doctrine hes ignoring maybe he should become a jyhadist its more their line of thought 😀

  • LT Johnson

    I think you can handle those two, Sergeant Griffith.

  • susan

    Don’t feel bad N. Nescio, I thought that photo was the actual kids who wrote the threat at first too, despite the other jokes in Justin’s post. When I first read his post I thought it was creepy and disgusting that kids would threaten him, and at the same time thought it wasn’t a good idea to post their photos. So you’re not the only one who didn’t realize the photo was a joke. 😉

    It’s unfortunate that Justin gets death threats from anyone, let alone a Catholic school. But unfortunately religion often encourages that kind of black and white thinking, rather than accepting other points of view.

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