Atheists on reddit raise money like a champ for Doctors Without Borders

Look at how much money r/atheism raised for Doctors Without Borders!

There’s no point in me even really putting a number on it. I saw it hit $100,000 much earlier today, and I see no sign of slowing.

People are doing clever posts like ‘every upvote, I’ll donate $X amount’. Some early posts along these lines turned out to be hoaxes, at least one from 4chan. But similarly to the Forever Alone fail, this backfired. That particular troll’s efforts inspired non-trolls to do the same thing even before he was outed. By the time he was b& and v& by the internet cops, many others joined in with $ per upvote posts directly because of his fraud.

But look where a whole bunch of money is going now: real world change that actually saves lives.

Please donate if you can. Spread the word if you can’t.

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