Satanic Christmas lights along TN highway are actually kind of funny

Satan lives in Carter County, TN. Or at least that’s what people might think when driving by Jackie Blevins home.

His home is decked out in satanic themed Christmas lights. The lights read: “The Devil’s Inn is closed until Judgement Day”, and “Satan Satan Hear My Plea, Satan Satan Come To Me”

It seems to be a protest, not really a religious thing.

Jackie Blevins built the display over a week ago. “[I] put this sign up here on the building because of what has happened right here,” Blevins said as he pointed to cars he refinished with skulls and devil’s horns.

Blevins told News 5 his cars were banned from area car shows, and in response he built the sign as a way of showing his anger.

While his decorative choices may rub some people the wrong way, he tells News 5, it’s just his personal form of expression. “It is my freedom of speech, my freedom of religion for these cars out here. They don’t mean nothing. They’re just a chunk of lousy metal,” Blevins explained.

But with a controversial message in plain sight, some who drive by don’t see it that way. “Knowing that a child could ask a parent is Satan really there? Is Satan in his home? What is a parent supposed to say to a child,” Jones told News 5 Friday.

How about “No.”

I think the Christian parent would probably have to answer these questions about hell anyway, if the child knows what Satan is. Explaining that god made a special eternal torture place for many of that child’s non-christian friends is a little weirder than this little light show. Also, parents can simply say he misspelled ‘santa’.

Apparently, vandals tried to take down the signs.

We’re told some have even tried to take the sign apart themselves. But Blevins says if you don’t you don’t like what you see, the best action you can take is to just come and talk to him. “Don’t down me. Don’t judge me. Don’t condemn me because of what you see,” Blevins said.

via Channel 5 WCYB

I’ve judged him to be mildly awesome.

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  • Ms. Crazy Pants

    I agree this is full of awesome!!

  • jamessweet

    I am absolutely baffled by those who say, “What will happen if I have to explain this to my kids?” Um, you’ll get an awesome opportunity to impart knowledge to your kids! WTF is wrong with people that they don’t want that…??