Russian woman uploads 25,000 videos. All of them good.

Not quite sure what to make of this.


Anybody speak Russian? I’d love to know what she is saying (I think). Here is the Time Cubescent craziness on the wall of her YouTube page:

About Me:

urgent message of isolation-at burning of comouter ,1st.,october.,2011:iran;moslems. gov. isolate me from youtube all otehr public,ban to pass quake vision acsiomal natual knowledge, repress in elimination of me and extortion of property, fabrication.,s they burned comouter for onyl to stop alaska quake information access-afetr talk at israel embasy on different themes-incl australia;straus kahn syndrom ban on my picture ect.

iran, moslems and gov. of russia want tax

and pinishment for my capabiltiie sand openly repress contact with israel. i express protetst. thye now will extort money for any kind of renueal-. teh sceintologists shwoed to em preliminar6y crime as in to americans-

ran afetr me

after embassy wiht tlakign abotu reparing of the comouter. they coutned we will nto pay for flat.


gos[v supports lyshkov make all this also as punishment o and marking of anniversary of mayor/s resignation an djewish flotillas of israel- when also been no computer rline!!!!!!

hundered per insirt and way!!becuase i am

from viflic library wher they did not wnat i to knwo ab big quake and shoolbus bombing.


attn . to mr. prime minister of israel/-mr netanyhau.

I am in full isolation after yest talk on camer afrom 4-6 incl my say ab quake;australia;

iran orders, straus kahn ect.

chechen administration unde rgov. order anncouenced full alert of final repressions for my contact with israel in direct line on camera-=

and mostly,

ther in paranolja only of

to shut up quake vision confirmation which i do tot need to get-.

they burned computer – i can not send from any anythign and to know the news .

iran, chehcn diaspora, gov. coutn to drive vision and openly , militarypersecute any contact with israel-



zombiing by no connection by iran idology to line on NO CONNECTION TO VISION AND ELM SPORT.


STRAT OPEN EXTORTION OF FLAT- as coutne dto stop payment for exile flat9large summary- by burn comotue rb at night before payment=time of burn appr.-

1 a.m.

i will try to appera at embabsy .please switch on camera giv ethis order. videos not sendt with quake say shoudl be numbers 21.22.23

.they counted to make high abusemnet to em for quak esay and talk on camer abolishing all th emoney till tuesday-pressing and imposing pounishment- but whne husband di not reacte first time-

and education did nto happen- they burned com – us ethe same flotilla electricity syndrom. so turky involve is obviously


f porovocators,police mfarbications criminal tatakcs and efforts ofd rape but wnat nobody knows this-youtueb refuse to me in right on court and reflect new power of uk coek iktno power which foirbdie tyo christians freedom of speech and cretive abilitie swithrou violenec of islam an diran direct= 

I also can consider this repression as reaction of american government to 

my say durign masturbatuion video that this look like relation of Obama and Medvedev to israel,expresions of anti-semitism –

grounding on thta moslems allow to themself do to express such level of anti0-semitism as shpotuign of in tmidating an dinsultign masturbation at israeli events;isralei negotiation with usa-not first case of it-

and that if they shwo toi em masturbation at the most sharpo0 cases of vision sure to shut up my nature capabilities it means-

And this expression on her face…:


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  • EwgB

    I do speak Russian, but whatever she is “saying”, there isn’t much Russian in it. Somewhere in the middle I was able to make out the words “Russische government, American government”, the first word being German for “Russian” and the rest is in English. In the very end she does speak in Russian, specifically she sais “[I] damn [it], [I] damn [it], [I] damn [it] publicly” (additions in brackets by me to convey the meaning). The rest sounds like total gibberish to me.

    I have basically several theories to it all:

    1) She speaks in tongues through the grace of the allmightly.

    2) This is a reaction to the recent parlamentary elections in Russia.

    3) This is a very strange piece of performance art.

    4) She is mentally ill (though I admit that this is a stretch 🙂 ).

    • raymoscow

      Ha – you got more out of it than I did.

  • F

    Under the influence of UFOs and Freddie Mercury.

    • Ufo,s I’ll believe, but NOBODY could ever been this bad under the influence of Freddy Mercury. Ever! LMAO

      I think it was the Russian Vodka, UFO’s, as you suggested, and a little too much free time.

    • UFOs I’ll believe, but NOBODY could ever been this bad under the influence of Freddy Mercury. Ever! LMAO

      I think it was the Russian Vodka, UFOs, as you suggested, and a little too much free time.

  • I could attempt a full translation, but it may take me a little while

    • I want full translations of every one of her videos on my desk by monday.

  • Damn, I can’t seem to get pictures to load properly on this website. I’m using firefox 3.4… yup I need to update, but some of my addons simply aren’t capatable with the newest firefox. Anyways, I thoguht I’d let you know of the issue. Have a good one.