Painless way to send a troop a care package free of charge

This is not an ‘atheist effort’, but who cares – right? A company called Revision Military (who makes a brand of military/tactical glasses) has teamed up with AnySoldier to send out care packages. This combined effort is called ‘Revision Gives’, and I think we can all jump on board with this one.

All you have to do is type your name, email address, pick a branch of the military, and type a short message. The entire process took me 30 seconds.

Click here to send one, and please share this with others.

Here’s what I wrote.

“I’m an active duty atheist and I don’t know you. But I hope you get this package in time for whatever holiday you may celebrate.”

You can write whatever you want, or just say “Thanks.”

Deployed service members will receive those nifty glasses, some magazines, some nice beef jerky and various other items. Trust me, this is greatly appreciated. I just got back from a deployment, and I was very lucky to have so many of you contact me privately to send me a care package. Others are not so fortunate.

This one is too easy, let’s get the word out!

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  • Gordon

    Is this for US people only?

    • papango

      The packages go to US troops, but anyone can send one.

  • MG Myers

    Done! Thanks for letting us know, Justin.

  • Thanks for you service and happy holidays!

  • Lewis Butcher

    Good job, thanks.

  • Igakusei

    Sent one. It’d be hilarious if one of my old Marines got it, but I guess the chances of that are something like 1 in 20,000.

  • SherryH

    Done, and thanks for the heads up! I hope your winter holidays are warm and bright.

  • Timothy (TRiG)

    So you’re assuming the recipient is a meat-eater?