Don’t get on the vasectomy bus

Vasectomy. Why do some women think it is hilarious to kick a guy when he’s down? These are friends of mine, and pretty active in the freethought scene.

Seriously, this conversation spun out of control rapidly. One woman mentions vasectomy, and all of a sudden another woman takes it too far. It seems that there really is such a thing as a ‘Vasectomy Bus’.

Click to embiggen

Amy… yikes, your poor hubby!…

and then SUE!!! WTF SUE!!!!

**edit: FYI, there is some literature to back this up. The vasectomy bus is real. **

PDA village agents and their district supervisors helped produce an average of 20 vasectomy acceptors per operating day in the 9 months of mobile visits. A total of 4481 cases of vasectomy were recruited.

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  • I don’t get it. What’s your problem with their discussion, exactly?

  • Justin Griffith

    The bus part.

    Why would she ride around on it?

  • Maybe she was bored? Sounds an interesting experience.

    I just don’t see why you call this “kicking him while he’s down”. There’s no reason to presume he’s down, for one thing (unless he told you he was?)

  • Justin Griffith

    they are having a laugh at his expense… you are thinking too hard. This is me joining in on that fun.

  • mmmmm

    I don’t get it either, why is talking about vasectomy “hilarious” and “kicking a guy when he’s down”? It was a just an anecdote saying it’s not that big a deal and he’d be fine, it’s enough of a common procedure that elsewhere they are doing it literally on an outpatient basis. Quite reassuring really.

    It’s not like they were laughing at the guy for getting it done at all and I’m not sure why it would be portrayed as being ‘down’ for him. Hopefully that’s not a suggestion having the procedure at all was emasculating him, when it’s actually a pretty simple and permanent solution to contraception that more men should take up. After, women often carry all the responsibility for contraception and the result.

    As for the other question of why someone would be on the bus, why not ask them if it’s a friend rather than being appalled that they talked about vasectomy as a simple, no fuss procedure. Most probably, it was as as a support worker or official observer of some type.

  • they are having a laugh at his expense… you are thinking too hard

    I don’t know, Justin. I wonder if you’re the one thinking too hard, by reading too much into what may be a tangential anecdote.

  • Justin Griffith

    No, I’m not suggesting that responsibility for contraception should rest solely on the woman. Absolutely not.

    I’ll probably end up getting snipped.

    But so much is going through my head when I see this.

    “WTF speedbumps.”

    The part where she said it was fun… Now I understand ‘interesting’, possibly even ‘unique’. But of all the things to call fun, that is a weird one. Obviously, everyone is weird, and everyone’s concept of fun is weird. But this one seemed like it was ‘universally weirder than most “funs”‘. I wouldn’t call a similar procedure fun, if the roles were reversed.

    Keep in mind I have indeed asked her why, and expect a funny and cool response. As soon as she wakes up.

    Also, I’ll keep in mind that you don’t have the context of the other 20 jokes in the conversation. I guess I should have kept them in tact. I edited them out for brevity.

    The whole convo evolved into humorous back and forth. Not a bit of it was biased against women. The slight boys against girls feel is necessity of the topic, and the girls were outclassing and out-‘mean’-ing the boys very hard.

  • F

    I’m not sure I get the kicking part, but I’d imagine the “down” part would have to do with post-op pain.

  • Eric

    Why would you put something like that on facebook? How would she feel if her husband said, “Amy is getting a fertility test done today, but I have a feeling that there won’t be any babies in the future,” or ” guess who’s getting her tubes tied today?”?

  • beerslayer

    Looks like gallows humor to me. I’m forced to contemplate getting snipped inside what looks like nothing else so much as a rainbow-striped tour bus. It’s amusing and cringeworthy at the same time, and that has nothing to do with the validity of the bus concept in the first place.

    Hell, I can think of a few neighborhoods much closer to home that would benefit by a visit from the vasectomy bus.

  • waifu

    There is an advertisement for a pro-life group on the side bar for me. I have a young baby, so it’s obviously going off of my cookies. The group is called “National Pro-Life Alliance” and they really want me to click on a picture of a premature infant and sign the petition.

    Thought I’d share. Not sure why. 🙂

  • 25 years ago I had a vasectomy. Gentlemen, it’s a good thing when your wife (or partner) can really stop worrying about pregnancy.

    Minor post-op pain; don’t plan on playing rugby the next day.

  • Sue Kocher

    Justin, Justin, just ask and I shall explain!

    I was in the Peace Corps in Thailand. I worked with the Community Based Family Planning Services, a Thai NGO with some very innovative methods. With condom blowing up contests, free birth control pills, giving water buffalos for participating families to win–Mr. Mechai not only ended up having his name become the Thai word for ‘condom,’ but got a lot of TV time–and really helped the Thai people be able to discuss anduse in birth control without shame or fear. I used to ride from village to village on a motor scooter with the Distributor in my area, replenishing supplies of silver and gold pill packs and colorful condom packages to the tiniest roadside stands. When I was part of this program 30 years ago, the Vasectomy Tour Bus had top-flight doctors aboard, first rate equipment clean as a whistle. They would not do operations while moving, silly. They would go to village fairs–of which there were several each year, lasting all day and all night–and recruit participants with the slogan, “Many Children Make You Poor.” Which was true!

    First, from your reaction, it would seem that you think a vasectomy is about getting your willy whacked off! So not a big deal, as I said! The surgery took 20 minutes, there was a local anesthetic, and it was entirely painless. The entire village would participate in the joke–always some woman, a Sue-type no doubt , who would make a bit of a show about pushing her husband toward the bus and he would pretend to be very reluctant (or in some cases, he would be genuinly afraid) but in the end, it was over quickly and other villagers got to see how easy it was. the surgery in no way involves the penis or endangers the balls. Two tiny incisions, little wires clips, a butterfly bandage. Sheesh!

  • Ulgaa

    Pretty sure the procedure isn’t all that similar for women. It’s major surgery for women, not so for the men.

  • See, that DOES sound like fun, Sue!

  • Well, not entirely painless. That bit at the start where the doctor is finding the tubes (and believe me, there is a vas deferens between finding them and not finding them) involves a bit of squeezing and tugging, and that’s before the sweet sweet novocaine goes in. After that, it really is about the easiest surgery you can have. My nurses and doctor entertained me with stories of gruesome ambulance rides and ER experiences. Okay, that was after I let on that I had once trained as a EMT.

    One day sitting on a bag of frozen peas later and it was back to normal. Now my wife can base her decision of whether to use BCPs or not on which causes fewer headaches, not on how not to get pregnant.

    And yes, it’s totally outpatient. A clean mobile surgery sounds like an excellent way to get the word out. Count me in as fully supportive. Also, I did mention it on FB.