Let there be light, and a lot more of it for baby Jesus

Fresh off of being vandalized, the officials at Travis Air Force Base secure the lighting for the atheist sign. Sounds good right? Well like many parts of the story, it’s once again 2 steps forward, one step back. Progress, but seriously… what the hell?

They took down his 120 watt bulb, and replaced it with a 40 watt bulb. Staff Sergeant Dan Rawlings explains in an epic Facebook post. Click to embiggen

Let there be light!! …. and a lot more for Baby Jesus.

The wise men only needed one star to find their savior, modern Christians apparently need four gigantic lights and 280 watts of power to find theirs.

Earlier today, I mentioned that our light was vandalized last night, someone moved it around the other side of the card next to it, and pointed it away from our sign. I installed this light last night, and called the Chaplain to verify that it was alright for me to do so. There is no way it was an accidental. The authorities at Travis AFB, must be paying attention to the publicity that this got, because a CES (Engineering Squadron) work party was dispatched to remove my light entirely and install government lights on all the signs. 

This is thoughtful, as anybody tampering with with the light now, will be guilty of destruction of government property – a federal crime. However, it clearly shows the bias that the government has for the Christian nativity, as opposed to any other display. No other worldview is supported in this manner. Nobody else gets four lights! Why is the nativity the only one with a that much power?

**EDIT Tim from Facebook just blew our minds with this incredible find:


“Picard has spoken” indeed.**

My friend Hemant Mehta (FriendlyAtheist) has joined the usual suspects here at FtB with a great post about the nativity scene at Travis Air Force Base.

Unconfirmed reports are coming in concerning messages being attached to the atheist sign. One report said “God loves you” was written on the tape (that covers the URL of the Travis group’s Facebook… censored by the commanders).

But the situation is now much worse at Fort Campbell KY

We also need just as much visibility and support for the army atheists dealing with the EXACT SAME SCENARIO playing out at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. That Nativity Scene is in a much more obnoxious position, and it has so much light shining on it that it was difficult to photograph at night!

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  • Cuttlefish

    This little light of mine–I’m gonna let it shine!…

  • Justin Griffith

    Oh you, Cutie Fish. 🙂

  • Paul Hunter

    The wise men only needed one star to find their savior, …..

    Remember, when trying to follow a start you’ll probably just end up walking in circles!

  • The Lorax

    Now, if it was a Santa and reindeer display, it would get all the lights it needs, ’cause we all agree that Santa is a myth. Yet, somehow, even though we all agree that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is exactly as real as Santa Claus, His Noodlyness gets shit upon.

    Oh well. Happy Holiday to all of you, may you be Touched by His Noodly Appendage this Holiday.


  • tms

    “The wise men only needed one star to find their savior, modern Christians apparently need four gigantic lights and 280 watts of power to find theirs.”

    And presumably, the chaplain can’t find is ass in the dark without a flashlight.

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  • I’m beginning to think all atheist signs should be painted in luminous paint to frustrate those who would limit their illumination.