National Guard advertises on a foxhole atheist’s blog

The National Guard is advertising on a foxhole atheists ‘online blog’!

These advertisements come from a large ad serving company, obviously. If you know how web advertising works, this is not as ‘cool’ as it sounds. So forgive me for building up this molehill.

This is like the time I saw Military Intelligence jobs being advertised on FriendlyAtheist.

Interestingly, whatever you tend to look at online greatly influences your ad content internet-wide. Unless you purposefully block it that is. I don’t really care, either way anymore. Tailored ads, or random ones, I don’t tend to ‘punch the monkey for $50’.

I used to run ad-blockers but now I think most of the internet pretty much realized that annoying web experiences permanently alienate the consumer. What tools and practices do readers use to mitigate web-tracking, if any? Should I reconsider my position?

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  • SherryH

    I use AdBlock Plus. I used to use nothing, but this one site I went to added audio and video ads, set to autoplay, and sometimes difficult to locate and/or impossible to mute. I feel bad about adblocking, because I know many sites depend on ad revenue, and I don’t mind static/silent ads, but the ones with sound and movement were just too distracting.

    I should probably go through and turn ABP off for the sites I use regularly that don’t bug the heck out of me, but, honestly, I’m not that dedicated.

  • mb

    I also use Adblock as well as Sheepish on Chrome. I use Firefox without blockers – and use that to support a sites ads as well as see my own.