The secular festival where kids will walk on water

Camp Quest is more than just the secular answer to Vacation Bible School. Some even say that such comparisons are false, or not useful. But they aren’t the boss of me!

At the upcoming Rock Beyond Belief festival, Amy Monsky from Camp Quest South Carolina is going to be running the show for the children’s activities. One of the things being offered is bound to teach a lasting lesson.

‘Walking on water’ is easy

Check out this video of kids in New Zealand.

Don’t you wish that could happen in America? Of course you do.

Luckily, champions of logic, reason, and science are beginning to make a difference. Local leaders like Amy Monsky are taking the summer camp experience to a whole new level. And now at the Rock Beyond Belief festival, Amy is bringing these opportunities to a potentially massive audience.

Please let CQ South Carolina’s Amy Monsky know if you are coming, if you want to volunteer, and/or how many children (aged 6+) you are bringing so we can start buying equipment and materials accordingly. Here is a picture of some CQSC members playing with the non-newtonian fluid:

You can let your kid walk on water right in front of the main post Chapel! Win.

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