Google is evil. Google is god. Google is gay. Google is your friend.

Google’s autocomplete feature has built in filters. If you type in naughty words, you probably wont see suggestions pop up.

For a time, the phrase “Islam is” didn’t prompt any suggestions. Despite the fact that no other religions were spared insults, Google claimed that it was because of a ‘bug’. Now that particular ‘bug’ is fixed.

I wondered if the ‘bug’ was going to pop up on their namesake, but I was impressed. And disturbed. Then I played the ‘autocomplete game’ for 10 minutes.

Your gay friend Google is an evil god.

Apparently, Google is my friend. I barely even know google! But I did some research, and all I have to say is…

Choose life Google.

It gets better.

The military is a cult for uneducated socialists

the military is a cult for uneducated socialists

This is not photoshopped. The military is advertising on the term “The military is”. Your tax dollars at work 🙂

PZ Myers is probably the culprit here:

I like being on this list.

Atheists know how outsmart

That’s actually a Poe site. Typos happen to all of us.

FYI: I really do appreciate the occasional corrections I get. Sometimes it can be typographical, but sometimes it can be more important. Recently, I learned to avoid using the term ‘homosexuals’ and use variants of ‘gays and lesbians’ so as not to sound brutally medical.

I couldn’t think of a “Google is homosexual” joke. So I googled for one.

Don’t listen to all the self-haters. It gets better.

Blogs are dead

Why would someone search for “Blogs are dead”? There is very little chance of not seeing a blog in the search results. Interestingly, there really is an entire blog devoted to ‘autocomplete fail’. But it’s dead.

I had fun. If you play the Google autocomplete game too, please tell me about it in the comments. Just leave a comment with search terms you found amusing.

**Edit Hi Fark! **

I just Farked with the Google auto-complete just for you. It appears you’ve got a problem with the letter K.

If readers are scratching their heads, this article made the front page on Fark – a social news aggregator with a focus on humor.


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  • Nentuaby

    Yow, apparently we really do need to get that algorithm some counseling:

    It’s also got some arch commentary on the competition:

  • Nentuaby
  • ‘Tis Himself, OM.

    Three of the first four sites listed for blogs are dead are blogs discussing a New York Times article declaring blogs to be dead.

  • Be nice and don’t tease the googlebot.

  • David

    Romney is… “a liberal” “a rhino” “a mormon” “an idiot”

    Gingrich is… “an idiot” “a liar” “evil” “not a conservative”

    Perry is…. “idiot” “gay” “done” “toast”

    Obama is…. “idiot” “muslim” “antichrist” “gay”

  • Google’s algorithm takes everything they know about you (browsing history, location, etc) to help you with your searches, including auto-complete. So what Google’s suggesting may say more about you than you might like to think…

  • papango

    @Dustin Williams

    I hope you’re a little bit wrong about that. When I try my city I get

    Wellington is .. the capital city of which country

    Wellington is .. the capital of what country

    I hope Google doesn’t think I really need to look that up.

  • Its obviously far from perfect, but they try to make it relevant. All I have to do is type “B” and three of the four suggestions have something to do with Boise, the city I live in, but none of them are things I’d actually be searching for, but they do try. With every search Google’s algorithm get’s more precise and more accurate. It’s learning.

  • grumpyoldfart

    I hate autocomplete. Until recently I was able to avoid it by using this URL:

    But now it’s back. They only do it to annoy me.

  • rjohnston

    Google is, sadly, quite evil.

    Try installing Google Earth on your computer. The Google Earth installer will, without permission and without the choice to opt out, install Google Chrome and set it to be your default browser.

    That’s definitely all kinds of evil.

  • KP

    @Dustin Williams: You saying that google is learning just gave me an awesome mental image of a giant google-bot enslaving mankind. Clearly we’re all doomed. Oddly, I’m okay with this though… as long as our future Master and Overlord continues to put fun little designs on its logo for special occasions.

  • devinmcanelly

    @Dustin & KP

    Google does collect a lot about you:

    Creepy, but I’ve actually found it useful, “What was I googling last night? o.O”

    Also this:

    ^ Really creepy.

    Do I think google is evil? No, I think it’s a company making money, and it does so with targeted ads. Just be mindful of that when your searching. 😉

  • @Devin – Wow, that is creepy. I wonder how many teens who need to routinely clear their history and form data know they need to clear their Google history too?

    @KP – I’m sure Google already has enough in its massive databases to blackmail anybody with dirt out there.

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