Horseshoe pro: “but if either you or your horse are an idiot…”

The latest in craigslist fail isn’t as epic as the Christian Parkour team, or the man who refused to tolerate absconding  interlopers. Still, check out this advertisement.

This horse farrier is very patient!!!!

… Service also available to some outlying counties depending on number of horses and location. Sane horses and owners need only apply, I am extremely patient and dont mind working gently with nervous or young inexperienced horses as long as you’ve done your homework, but if either you or your horse are an idiot, or if you have called or e mailed me repeatedly and not received a return call from me, please dont contact me, I am not interested in working for you!!!! I am qualified, patient, and dependable…

Screenshot below the fold for posterity (ad will disappear soon)

idiot horses need not apply

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  • That might actually be pretty reasonable. If the owner doesn’t care for their horse, a farrier doesn’t want to feel like he or she is wasting their time on an animal that’s going to have a crap life anyway.

  • Jay

    A farrier isn’t a trainer! A farrier is someone who trims & shoes the horse & if the ANIMAL is an idiot (ie bites, kicks, rears) it is extremely dangerous for the person working on their feet. If the OWNER is an idiot, then they bounce their checks, they don’t allow the farrier to take reasonable precautions or restraint to work w/the horse, they complain about the farrier’s BO (no joke, it’s been done).

    I can tell by yer outfit you ain’t from around here… =0)

  • Justin Griffith

    Aha! Thanks for the heads up

  • Janie

    If you’re an idiot, you probably don’t think you are one. I don’t know much about horses, but it seems that if they bite, kick or rear they might be dangerous (thus the farrier, understandably, wouldn’t want to work with them), but I think idiot is not a good way to describe them. Probably scared or untrained.

  • kraut

    I was a service tech for heating systems for a long time. If a homeowner tried to interfere while I was doing my job – I left him standing in the cold – literally.

    I like the ad very much, there are too many idiots out there who think because they are willing to pay for your services they have a right to interfere or treat you as a servant.

  • RowanVT

    I wonder if this particular use of ‘idiot’ is really common amongst those who work with animals. I ponder this, because I have looked into the eyes of a muzzled, screaming, flailing…. 5 pound dog and called it an idiot. Especially if we’re doing something as simple as a nail trim.

  • Aquaria

    I like the guy’s ad. My grandfather did some farrier work on the side when the local guy got sick or had to be out of town (being that the guy was in his 60s, one or the other was going on a lot).

    One of the things my grandfather used to say to other farmers and ranchers, all the time, was that a horse was as smart as its owner. Like dogs, you have to do all the right things for horses, namely train them properly (whether by you or a professional trainer), or they do things like rear, buck, bite or kick a farrier in the head (which can be deadly).

    Have you ever been kicked by a horse? A stallion (not one of ours) kicked my upper arm once. OMFG… The pain… The pain… I could barely move my arm for a month, and was in pain when I used it for another two months. The bruise was black for nearly eight months. I’m trying to think of anything that could be similar. Getting hit by a fastball or line drive, maybe.


    Being kicked by a horse hurts. And you’re more likely to get kicked by a horse that hasn’t been trained and/or cared for properly. An idiot horse, if you will, that has been made an idiot because s/he has an idiot owner.

    Some people, it seems, only have horses for show. They know nothing about the animals, don’t interact with them, don’t train/care for them properly and so on.

    Enough of them do it, and you get an ad from a farrier that reads like this.